Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Trip to the Science Museum!

Hello Everyone!
This post is past due considering we took Kaden to the science museum August 29th. Lol. I just never had the time till now to upload all the pictures along with it. It would’ve been the same without pictures. Anyways, We decided 2 days before we went, that we wanted to take Kaden to go do something he hasn’t done or been to before. Then it hit me…Dallas Science Museum…so I looked up the information and we decided it was a good idea. Just time to get out and have family time. Little did we know we would be spending that time with Derek’s Uncle’s family….Ronnie, Lara, and Garrett….(We usually make a point to see each other at least once a month since they live close to Dallas it takes us a hour and half to go see them or them see us) Lara and I texted each other just as we were on our way to Dallas just to what each other were doing for the day. Well, come to find out they were going to the Railroad Museum. For those who doesn’t know about Dallas. All the museums are all close together all in the fair park area. So they decided to go to the Science Museum as well. God must’ve wanted us to each other every month, because it was a month exactly since we’ve seen them since then. So we all had a blast! We are all close together in age considering Derek and Ronnie are only 4 years apart. So Garrett and Kaden are close as well. Kaden is exactly 8 weeks older than Garrett. They are starting to get along with each other better. Our family had has its problems and we haven’t seen each other since the boys turned a year old until July of this year. But we decided to put it all behind us because Derek’s family is small and let the past be the past. And we are sooo much closer than ever before. So that’s why we try to make a point to see each other at least once a month. God is Awesome!….Anyways here are some pictures from the day… I was lucky to get Kaden and Garrett looking at me…they were to occupied! Lol.
Daddy and Kaden waiting at the entrance for Ronnie, Lara, and Garrett.
Well...I get one to look and the other one doesn't..
This was going on all day! I just finally got used to it lol.
Kaden didn't know what to think at first.
He's shy when he gets in a surrounding that he isn't familiar with.
But---he got the hang of it. Digging for fossils!
Playing with a heat sensor thing.
He was so looking when I took it...digital camera always late!
(watching Ronnie and Daddy in the back ground messing with the heat sensor)
Mommy's little fireman!--He loved this!
Daddy trying to get his head in the picture as soon as I snapped the picture.
Kaden and Garrett...As you can tell they didn't
listen when I asked them to look and say cheese...
Kaden with Garrett in the background.

Kaden in the farm area.
And he's back on the firetruck. I took him all around through
the barn, water area, and dress up and he woudln't do much becasue there
were too many kids I'm guessing. It was PACKED that day!
SAND!!!...Kaden would've spent all day here if I would've let him.
I think it was becasue there wasn't hardly any kids around.

Kaden and Garrett

So I told him to look at me and smile...He looked at Lara. lol.
Only thing I didn't like about this part...
see the electrical stuff on the wall??...not the smartest
idea putting the sand here.

Kaden playing on the computer

Watching the turtle...he was asking where the fishies were lol.

Some voltage thing
Having fun!
I forgot what this was called but the boys loved it!

Garrett was telling Ronnie to stop lol...
not to mention the daddies....lol in the background!
Kaden trying to do what the other kids were doing.

Look Momma!

Blow Kaden Blow!...lol my little monkey.

Kaden and Garrett
They were blowing at the same time lol!

And of course Daddy had to do it also! lol

And last but not least...Kaden on the firetruck that was outside
of the museum. He was Shy and wouldn't talk to the firefighter lol...
I hope you all enjoyed the pictures. We had fun watching the two boys play together. I have another post to do with pictures but that will be within the next few days. Family is great. Never take your family for granted! I'm so glad we are back in touch again. Kaden continues to do good. We take in back in November sometime. I have to call when it gets closer to time to make an appointment. Just keep Kaden in your prayers and that his leakage from his aortic valve is stable! Thank you for checking in on us. Take care and May God bless each and everyone of you!
With love from the ♥,