Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm satisfied!...for now.

Wow...I can't believe its been almost 2 years since my last post. We've had computer problems where we couldn't get internet to connect, then our hard drive crashed all together. I have internet on my phone of course but it was just too hard to make a post especially with pictures so I just stopped all together until we bought a new computer. So here I sit on our new laptop. :) I missed blogging to be honest. Not that I ever wrote about anything good, just blogging about my kiddos and our family which that is what my life revolves around being a stay at home mom/wife.

A lot of things has gone on since last post:

Kaden's heart has thankfully has been stable! No big changes. We our steady ground was shaken July 2012 where we had to take him back to Houston for him to get checked over again. Thank God it was mainly good news! Heart was stable but we did find out that repairing his valve is probably out of the picture now. His enalapril (heart med) was increased slightly but so far so good. He's doing amazing in school like always. He finished his 1st grade year will all As throughout the year! He's doing just as good in second grade still hanging on to his all As streak! He has been in Awanas this year at church and is absolutely loving it! Since it's k-2 they have let him keep going in the books. Normally they would just do one book a year (there are three books in Sparks) but since this is his first and last year in Sparks before moving to the new club group next year they just let him go at the pace hes been obtaining. He has loved going so much that he decided he didn't want to play basketball this year. I missed watching him and I think deep down he missed it too, but he wanted to attend Awana's all year long and basketball practice was usually on Wednesdays. He has decided to play baseball this year again. This makes his 4th year playing. I enjoy watching him play knowing he won't be able to do it forever especially if he has to have surgery it will put a stop to it all. So we'll enjoy it while we can. His birthday is coming up in 4 days!!! My little 7lb 8.6 oz baby boy will be EIGHT years old!! How did that happen?!?! He's wanting a ninja turtle birthday party so that's what this momma is planning for. He also decided he wanted to have friends over Saturday night. So I said sure anything to make my baby's boy birthday rememberable. So Saturday night we will have 3 extra little boys! He's looking forward to it, momma...well I haven't decided! Ha!

What has miss Bethany Kate been up to?!?! HA! Lets just say she keeps us on our toes. Kaden was a BREEZE compared to Bethany! She is our outgoing, sassy, bossy, has to say hi to everyone, gets into EVERYTHING if you allow her the time to do it--which btw isn't very long!--, typical little girl who loves her big brother but at the same time LOVES to aggravate him! She's a handful and thanking God she didn't have a twin! Ha! She's a sweet pea all at the same time though. She's a picky eater. She's almost potty trained...working on nap and bedtime. She's becoming more of a Daddy's girl now. She looks like her Daddy's baby pictures but at the same time in some pictures she's her momma's little mini me. She has become scared of EVERY noise and thinks she has to sleep with momma. So far we are letting her, but I'm going to try to get her out of this stage soon.

A BIG change that has affected our family is that on July 2nd, 2013 we found out we were expecting again. Although it was a completely a surprise and took a while to set in, we were so happy to have a newborn again! I didn't feel the greatest. I had a feeling something was wrong. As much as I tried and prayed that the fear would still remained. I was hesitant to announce for some reason. I wasn't like that with the other two...I announced just as soon as I found out and let family know. I wouldn't let facebook world know until my first ultrasound was completed. I had my ultrasound at 10 weeks 4 days. All appeared ok. They couldn't see the flutter of the heart, but once they put the monitor over was 179 hbm. So I felt ok to announce. I thought I would've been relived when I saw the ultrasound, but I wasn't. I was so nauseated with this pregnancy. I was tired all the time. I just wasn't feeling very good. About my 12.5th week I started cramping. At first I thought it was just the normal uterus stretching but after a couple days went by I knew it wasn't good. I called my obgyn and they said it was probably from my recent change of prenatals. I switched because of the metallic taste the others had left in my mouth. So I tried to ignore everything and continue on. Well later on that week it wasn't letting up. Friday August 29, 2013 around 5:10 all my fears became reality. I started spotting. I call the on call dr and she recommended me going to the ER. Around 10-11pm we were handed the news that our precious third child's heart stopped beating around 11.3 wks. I was suppose to be 13 wks. So as hard as it was to hear that news, I had a feeling it would happen. I guess it was my motherly instinct warning me and preparing me. I had a rough 3 wks. It was hard to swallow. I'm a baby lover. I was looking forward to watching Bethany with a little brother or sister. She LOVES babies as well. Kaden was hoping for a baby brother but was ok if it was going to be a girl. We had so much to look forward to but instead God had bigger plans for our baby. We never had the chance to find out the gender, but I wanted to give the baby a name. We chose Arin Caylor. It's neutral. Although we believe Arin is a girl we won't get to find out for sure though until we cross them heaven gates ourselves. I was expected to deliver Arin March 3, 2014. It's hard to believe I should be big time pregnant by now and would be holding Arin on Monday if it had been in God's will for Arin to stay here with us. I'm glad I have the ultrasound on DVD and pictures for memory. Arin has made me realize again that I'm not in control. God just chose us to make one of his precious angels. I made a promise to God and Arin as well, that I would help anyone who was unfortunately going through this and just can't seem to get through it. God gave us this speed bump in this road of life for a reason. Although I miss my precious Arin oh soo much especially since the due date is fastly approaching, I'm looking forward to that day where I can hold Arin in my arms and tell her how much I love her and missed her! Until then we have one amazing guardian angel keeping her great Papaw and granddaddy (Derek's Dad) company. :)

As far as my wonderful husband and I, we're doing great. Enjoying this life with our two precious miracles here on earth with our guardian angel watching over us. We will be together 10 years come May and married for 9! Doesn't seem like it's been that long!! We've been through more than most couples ever go through BUT we are stronger because of it. :) Will we have another child?? We don't know. We are leaving that up to God to decide. God is amazing. He has blessed me beyond measure. What more could a girl ask for??

Great husband. Wonderful Son. Amazing daughter. And a precious guardian angel. I'm satisfied...until God decides different. :)

Thank you for reading...I'll post pictures for this tomorrow. It's late. Ha.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bethany is 11 months old!

Happy 11 Months Sweetheart!
Wow! I just can’t get over the fact that you just have one more month to go before you turn 1 year old! I will admit it’s hard on me. It wasn’t so much with Kaden, but I think its because he was a boy plus I knew I was going to have another one, but knowing you’re my last baby and a girl…it’s hard. As much as I want you to grow up, I want you stay little too just as much. You’re the sweetest little girl ever and everyone else seems to think so too. You still turn heads when we go out to eat or into anywhere public for that matter. The first comment is usually how much hair you have and the second is almost always how happy you seem. It’s a fact though. You’re hair is getting LONG and not showing any signs of slowing down and yes you are a pretty content, happy, smiley baby all the time. Hopefully I don’t jinx it now. Ha.

Lets see what has happened this month for our big baby girl…

You playing patty cake..
To start things off we lost Papaw the day after you turned 10 months. He’s your Nannie’s -My mom- Daddy I think that’s one of the two hardest days in my life so far with the other being your brother getting diagnosed with Aortic Stenosis. I’m SOO glad he lived to see you though. You brighten him up every time he saw see you. I hate that you won’t grow to know him like your brother has, but just know that he loved you so much! He always talked about your smile. He always did his duck sound to get you to smile and it worked every.single.time no matter what your mood was! I wish he was still here to hear you say Papaw. You just started that about a week ago. As soon as I get you up in the morning or from your naps and head into the hall, there is a picture of Papaw and Memaw hanging there as soon as you walk out of your room, you ALWAYS point at the picture and smile your smile then start to say Papaw. It’s bittersweet to say the least. : ) But we won’t tell Memaw that you can say Papaw. Ha. I know he’s probably looking down and just smiling away every time you do that. : ) I know I do.
As you can brother is in the back ground trying to make you smile for me...
Well he was being goofy and it was cracking you  up!
You finally accomplished crawling…well it’s army style, but you are no longer rolling from place to place. You actually started doing it a couple of months back but now it’s full fledge army crawling anywhere and EVERYWHERE! I don’t think bubba is too fond of it though. Especially when he’s playing in the living room and you start to dart off to him. Ha.

You have accomplished with saying hey and bubba clear as a bell. You would say it before, but wasn’t that clear. Now you can look at bubba or a picture of him and say it. Then when we say hi Bethany or hi sister, you immediately say hey. Our baby girl is growing up!
Such a little stinker!
You actually started to pull up during this little photo shoot. Not completely but you will pull your self up to your knees so far.
All sweet and innocent! Ha
The pictures with the white headband was the ones I
attempted while bubba was in school, I didn't have
the best of luck keeping your attention so we had redo
once he got home and I found your black headband. :)
You’re eating 3 8oz bottles of formula a day with another 2 or 3 oz after lunch that depends on how well you will eat your lunch. : ) You prefer table food over your baby food any day, but I guess that’s a good thing. We discovered you LOVE meatloaf! I ordered some when we went out to lunch at Cracker Barrel (love that place, I think Daddy doesn’t like eating there because I ALWAYS have see what dresses they have for you. The joys of having a girl! Ha) I decided to give you some just see what face you would make and to my surprise you chowed down on that and expected more! So as soon as I can find out how to make our meat that soft I’m going to make some just for you! : )

You’re now getting where we have to let you stay in the nursery at church during “big church” as your brother calls it. We attempted it last Sunday just to make sure and we had to end up taking you back before it even started! Ha. You are just so talkative and was trying to yell and everything. I think you liked it better in there (after you get over that I’m not with you) anyways so you can play with your buddy Brenna. They said you both were waving at each other. : )

We are going to have you dedicated at church on Mother’s Day. We usually wouldn’t wait that long (Kaden was dedicated at 6 months) but they have a big thing on Mother’s Day for the sweet babies. You and Brenna just barely missed it last year. So it will be a special day not only will it be Mother’s Day and your dedication, but it will also be your daddy’s and mine 7th year anniversary!

I’m trying to hold the urge to cut your bangs! Ha. I keep pulling them over to the side in a clip, but you having cute little bangs will be so much easier to take care of and will keep them out of your face! I don’t want to cut them though until after you turn a year though. Almost there!
Look at them teeth!
You’re still wearing a size 4 shoe, size 3 diaper although you’re getting close to going up to a 4...I’m just trying to get through this last package of size 3s. You can still wear mostly size 12 months according to where they come from some size 12mons are too little after they are washed.
The reason for all the good smiles...her bubba...the ones she just adores!
(Don't mind his clothes he LOVES this shirt even though its just about too
small for him, but they are his play clothes)
Well baby girl there you have it! All your tenth month rounded up. This isn’t late btw, I had this done yesterday, I just didn’t want to deal with the slow computer uploading the pictures. Ha. Now we’re in full party planning mode! Everything is done just have to get the cake ordered and your birthday outfit ordered then I’ll be done until the stuff actually comes in the mail that is. : ) Happy 11 months baby girl! Mommy, Daddy, and Bubba loves you oh so much! More than you’ll ever know! You definitely completed our little family.

Let the countdown begin! 30 more days until your very FIRST birthday party!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy 10 months, Bethany!!

Happy 10 Months Babygirl!
(I know it's late…again)

I can’t believe in less than 2 months my sweet baby girl will be celebrating her very FIRST birthday party! It just seems unreal. This past year has been such a blessing and soo fun I guess that’s why it’s flying by sooo fast!

You still haven’t mastered the whole crawling thing yet. BUT you sure will army crawl to get something you can’t have or something of bubba’s! I never can get you to crawl to me though. I think you know rolling will get you where you want to go faster. Ha.

You sprouted THREE more teeth (Top lateral incisor on 3/7; then both lateral incisors on bottom R(3/11) L(3/26)) this month to make it a total of 8 teeth! Your brother didn’t have ANY by your age. It sure looks funny with all your teeth showing when you smile but oh so cute!

You will eat just about anything you can get your hands onto! You love mashed potatoes green beans (the real ones, you hate the baby food ones ha) and animal crackers! You’ve also had some fruit loops as well as some little pieces of M&Ms. You’re brother thought you had to have some. Ha.

You found out that you can clap on March 18th. Ever since then as soon as we start saying patty cake you start clapping. It’s the cutest thing ever!

You added Uh-Oh to your little dictionary of things to say, the others are Da-Da, Bub-ba, Ma-Ma which sometimes comes out as Me-Me, Baby, Oh, and Bye-Bye(sometimes). You love to just talk talk and talk. What do you expect though? You’re a girl! : ) But believe me, you can say Uh-Oh like a champ! You say Uh-Oh before you even start drop something. You LOVE playing that game…as for mommy and daddy, it’s cute the first 5 five times…after that we’re all played out! Ha.

You still admire your brother! As soon as you see him, you just light up. I love to see you two interact. It just makes mommy’s heart happy! You both started this screaming match. One day bubba decided to scream to try to scare you, but I don’t think he expected the outcome. You didn’t cry or anything, you waited until he got done then you screamed back. Ha. Now it’s a daily thing you two do. You think he’s the funniest person ever too! He just does something simple like hiss and here you go start laughing.

You’re developing an attitude…Ha go figure! When you get aggravated you will just clench them fits and grunt. Then if we try to set you down when you don’t want to or lay you down…you will bow your back and grunt to try to get your way. It’s funny now, but I know within a few more months we won’t think it’s so funny.

You were getting tired of pictures! Ha.

...or you were just getting tired period.
You only start sucking your finger if you're hungry or tired...
In this were getting tired! HA.

You love to dance! Every time you hear any type of music you start nodding your head like you’re saying yes, but it’s your way of dancing. Then if you’re really into you will start rocking back and forth. Lol. You’re so funny.

When you’re ask if you’re mama’s girl or anyone else you just nod your little head like you know what we’re talking about. It sure does make everyone smile. You’re just a little ray of sunshine.

Look at all them teeth!!
You LOVE swinging and being outside. You’re not to fond of the grass yet though. According to how the weather is, we might take you kiddos camping this summer. We were going to take Kaden last year since he LOVES to fish with daddy and be outside, but then I got pregnant and you were born the second of June so we couldn’t do much last summer. Although I’m stocking up on sunscreen because baby doll you’re going to need it! You got mommy’s skin tone and I know you will burn like crazy. Your brother and daddy have that dark skin tone and just tan when out in the sun.
You and Daddy just chillin watching bubba play baseball! :)
You’ve started pulling out your bows when you notice they are in your hair! : ( I just knew if I kept one in your hair you wouldn’t do this, but you proved me wrong baby girl! Hopefully you’ll get out that stage soon! At least you have gotten better about letting me do your hair. : )

You love everyone…only if Momma or Daddy or someone you know is holding you. You will point at someone and just start waving. HA.

My silly girl...You also discovered your tongue this month!
You’re wearing a size 4 shoe, size 3 diaper, and size 12 month clothes (some 18 month). You’re growing like a little weed baby girl!

I love you baby girl! Happy belated(once again sorry!) 10 months!
Pinky the bear just keeps getting smaller!! Ha.
You're growing so fast!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy 9 months Miss Bethany!

Happy 9 Months Sweet Pea!
(I know it's late, but was waiting on your
stats from your 9 month check up)

You have grown so much this past month it seems like, but I think your 9 month is going to be big your big one.

You haven't crawled yet...I keep expecting you to, but you are still perfectly happy with rolling to where you want. It's so funny to watch you because you will get up on your hands to change the direction you want and then you're off again. Ha.

You're weight won't be exact on your appointment because its actually 17 days after the fact. Its the only day I could get you and your brother's check ups on the same day. But when we took you to the doctor on February 20th, you weighed 21lbs and 1oz.

**The results are now weighing 20lbs 11.5oz (I guess with you moving around more and your RSV sickness with you not eating much it went down, but they weren't concerned) which puts you in the 75%...gone down from 95% ha.
You are 29 1/2 ins tall...putting you STILL in the 95%. Looks like big brother isn't the only one who is going to be tall and skinny! Ha.**
Such a little stinker!! I caught you in the middle of laughing!
Your hair just keeps getting longer and longer. I love it! I never thought I would have to wonder how I was going to fix my 8-9 month old daughter's hair in the mornings. I figured it wouldn't be until you were least a year and half old. Its just getting to long for the cute headbands with flowers on them. :(

You got diagnosed with RSV on February 20th and man was it hard on you. I felt so sorry for you but I knew I couldn't do anything that I wasn't already doing to help you. It got so bad momma was worried about you being dehydrated because you wouldn't hardly eat anything! Thankfully you were over it just before your 9 month birthday!
Love it!

You managed to pop in three more teeth before your 9 month mark as well! Two came in on Momma's birthday (Feb 19) and the third one popped in February 29th. :) It sure does look funny when you smile and all them teeth are just popping through, it just doesn't seem like you should have all them teeth already!

Look at them teeth!!
You gave Momma a good scare the day before you turned 9 months! I was holding you by your hands while you walked, its nothing we didn't normally do, but after I sat you down you were holding your left arm close by your side and every time I touched it or when you tried to reach out to something, you would just cry in pain. Thankfully it happened after Daddy was already home and right before the doctor office closed. I was in panic mode. But they told me it was probably a nursemaid elbow. Which is where the elbow pops out of place but usually goes back, on some occasions it doesn't and the doctor has to reset it, but they reassured me that it was common and it was just probably the way you was holding your arm up. I still felt bad, but about 30 mins later you were back to normal. Daddy seen that it was getting to me and his comment was "You have child with a heart defect and you get more worried over an arm" Ha. I wasn't THAT bad I promise, but I was pretty shaken up.

So Precious!

You're now wearing mostly 12 month old clothes. Expect the ones from Carters and OshKosh like in these pictures, they are 18mons. But they tend to run a size small. You can still wear some of your 6-9 onesies which are the ones I usually put you in during the day when we don't have to go anywhere. As far as the pants though, they are like capris on you. Ha.

You're still in size 3 diapers, and in size 4 shoes! Some of your size 3 shoes can fit, but the size 4 stays on better. :)

You still pretty much have the same routine during the day, if we aren't going anywhere that is, if we do it just gets you all off schedule and you really don't take a nap. Fun time for momma...NOT! But I love you anyways of course. :)

You eat some puffs for snacks or when we eat dinner at the table so it will keep you occupied while we are all eating. You started eating tubs of vegetable or fruit with meat now. Still stage 2 for now though. You like just about everything expect green beans, peas, and the chicken noodle tub. Other than that you will eat anything!

You have started picking up the little things on the floor, and no matter how good I vacuum or how good I think I did, you ALWAYS still to manage to find one little thing to put in your mouth! That's one of the reasons I don't mind you not crawling yet, because I know you would be into EVERYTHING if you did. HA.
So serious! Ha

I think that is all for this month...I was trying not to add what you've done these past 19 days. I won't ever do this again! Ha. It's easy to get them mixed up. I will have to add some more pictures of you within this last month, but Momma isn't organized this update since I put it off. I can't wait to see what you learn this next month! You've already started to do a lot these last few days! My baby girl is growing up on me! I love you sweet pea!! As long as I'm living my baby you'll be! Happy belated 9 months baby girl!

Happy 6 yrs old Kaden!!!...nearly a month later. Ha.

Kade Man,
Happy 6th Birthday!! I can’t believe you’re six already! It just doesn’t seem right. This past year you’ve grown so much. It just doesn’t seem like it’s been 6 whole years since they laid my 7lb 8.6oz 19ins baby

boy in my arms. You are the one that made me a Mommy and has changed my life for the better since 5:25pm on February 28,2006. Not only did you make Mommy and Daddy parents for the first time, you also made Nannie, Papa, Mee mee, and Gramps grandparents for the first time, Granny and Paw great grandparents, Ashley and Amy aunts, and Jd an uncle all for the first time!!. So as you see you made a big impact when you entered this world and haven’t stopped! : ) You’ve had some rough patches along the way but here we are celebrating YOU and your SIXTH year of life! I thank God every day for sending me a happy bouncing baby boy!

You started your 5th year off by looking at open heart surgery. You didn’t know it at the time though, and NOW I’m glad I never told you since it never happened. We soon found out that they didn’t see the need for it right now. Praise God!

So I as soon as I found that out, I called to ask it was ok if you played t-ball. We were given the ok since it wasn’t competitive sport, yet… so soon you were practicing t-ball for your first year. You wouldn’t let your daddy leave your side for anything, good thing he was able to stay on the field as an assistance coach. You never got the competitive spunk to go after the ball, but you could hit that ball and run them bases like lighting. I always feared that your heart defect would keep you from enjoying any sports, but I accepted that fact. Once I found out you were ok to play them for now I was soo happy!! Knowing you would enjoy them. You ended the t-ball season on May 28, 2011.
Getting ready with daddy by your side!

So cute!

My lil slugger...with you're awesome helmet! :)
You became a big brother on June 2, 2011.

Hanging out with Momma and Daddy as the only child for the last 30 mins!  

Anxiously waiting for Daddy to see your baby sister...with Great Memaw by your side!

Such a proud big brother!

Your first time "holding" thought she was too little to hold. :)
 I hated that you had to miss your award ceremony for pre-k, but being there for the birth of your little sister was much more important after all it was just pre-k. You stayed that night with Nannie and Papa. Nannie took you to school that next morning for your last day of pre-k with pictures of sister in hand. You’re such an awesome big brother. We came home with sister on the 4th and we were now a family of four.

We started off your summer with bringing home your sister. It was such a fun, busy, HOT, summer. That summer beat the record books for the most consecutive over 100 days. I believe it was 63 or so.

You always LOVE the fourth of July! Ever since we started our own little family tradition going to Denton, Tx to watch their fireworks show the Kiwanis put on every year! First time to do it as a family of FOUR!!

My lil man!

It never fails...we always have to do a silly face picture just for you! :)

HA. Daddy was having fun... really he was. It was just hot and I think
he was tired of me taking pictures already! :)

My pride and joys!
We took you for your heart check up as well as sister’s on June 23rd. It was a bad morning to start things off because our family dog that we’ve had for 5 years died that night before. You and him were the best of buddies!
This is an older picture of you and him before we moved
into our new house, but it's my favorite of you and him.
We Love you Brownie!
We still don’t know what happen to him, we found him the day before and he wasn’t himself. So you daddy buried him that morning, then we were off to the cardiologist. We got good reports on both you and your sister! The medicine they put you on in March 2011 was doing its job!! You don’t have to go back for 6 months! As for sister she just had a little hole but not a big deal since she was so young a lot of babies have that. That summer was filled with lots of fun and you and daddy fishing. : ) Before we knew it was time for you to start school again. The big Kindergartner!!

You started school on August 23rd. Momma did a little better this year, than last year, but still shed some tears when I got back into the car to head home. You are loving kindergarten! You’re big thing in Pre-K was that you wanted to read, and now big boy you’re reading like a champ. It makes me soo proud! You are doing amazing on your report cards too! All satisfactory! Woo Hoo! Keep up the good work! This is year is definitely going better than last far as sickness. I think you missed a good 12-13 days of school last year between sickness and heart check ups, but so far you’ve only missed two days because of having strep.  then again this winter wasn’t as bad as it was last year either. We’ve only had one day of snow and the ground wasn’t all the way covered even then. Mommy sure isn’t complaining, but you was wanting it to snow like it did last year. You’ve become best buddies with your friend Tanner. When I asked you who you wanted to come to your party from your class you automatically said Tanner. Although you did invite Hunter, Korbin and Presley, but they didn’t make it out to it. I don’t think you mind too much though since Tanner was there.  (I'll be doing a post on your birthday party pictures soon...I hope! :) )

You had another heart check up on December 19th…and we got good results!! The Enalapril is working! It’s helping your little heart pump away. The measurement of your left ventricle has…DECREASED! Praise God! Of course we don’t know how long this will last, but we’ll take it! We got another ticket for worry free for 6 months! Ha.

December 29th, we took a spur of the moment road trip to Kentucky to see my best friend, and yours too ha, Lizzie! It was your first time out of the state well you’ve been to Oklahoma, but since we live just about 30 mins from Oklahoma I don’t count that. Ha. As well as Momma’s and Bethany’s, but we drove straight through, leaving 7 that night and getting there around 7:30 or so the next morning. So we brought in 2012 in Tompkinsville, Kentucky then drove back home that day! We had a blast while we were there! You absolutely LOVE Lizzie and she loves you just as much. I hope you’re able to find a good friendship like her and I have. It’s just priceless. She took you to the park and played and played with you. We laughed and just enjoyed each other so much! You got mad at the New Years Eve party that we went to, with her, because you wanted her to play with you and no one else. It was cute but overbearing at the same time. Ha. But we left there because it was getting late and didn’t want to be on the road after midnight so we parted ways. Lizzie and I shed some a lot of tears. We look forward to getting back together soon though.

You and the amazing Lizzie! :)
We got back to the hotel and brought in the new year by all of us in the bed watching the ball drop. Then soon after we were all asleep! We headed home around 8 and stopped at Graceland on the way back through Memphis. I was soo mad at myself that we were in such a hurry to get out the door to get on the road that I forgot my camera at home. SOO my phone is the only way we could get pictures. You loved Graceland! And you’ve been talking about Elvis just about every day since then! Your daddy said, I bet you’re the only 5-6 yr old that talks that much about Elvis, but having a daddy who LOVES Elvis its understandable, (but then again so did his dad) I can understand why. Ha

You started basketball the first week of January. At first you were all excited about it, but once you started, you wasn’t too sure about it. You sure could make them baskets but with it being your first year, you didn’t quite understand the whole offense defense thing. You got in the game and played your little heart out though. You were playing awesome defense the last 3 games (isn’t that how it usually goes?!) You got where you would rebound that ball like crazy and get in front of the other team when they got close to the goal. We enjoyed watching our little basketball player. : ) Can’t wait until next year!

Then you started t-ball up again on February 22nd. You started it just as you was ending basketball since your last game of that was February 25th. You sure do keep us busy during basketball and baseball seasons! But I have to admit, I enjoy it! : ) You’re currently practicing twice a week. Every Wednesday and Fridays! Opening day is March 24 so your games should be starting sometime after that! You seem to be enjoying more this year and actually with practice without your daddy near by! I think it helps having 3 kids just from your class this year and a few more who was in your class last year! Can’t wait until the games start!

Well I think that pretty much sums up all you’ve been up to this past year. You started off weighing 43.3 lbs and was 45 ins tall...and ended it weighing 49.8lbs and 47 1/2 ins tall. You're still in the 90% for height and 75% for weight. Looks like you're going to be tall and skinny like your daddy! I can’t wait to see how much you grow and learn this next year! I love you baby boy!!! Yes you are a baby and always will be MY baby no matter how old you get! : ) I love you to the moon and back!!