Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 4: My little sweet pea, Bethany Kate.

Day 4: My little sweet pea, Bethany Kate.

My adorable little sweet pea. : ). I thank God for sending you to me after waiting 2 years to hold you. You are indeed worth all the wait and tears I shed as I watched other people, family, and friends becoming pregnant without trying and here we were trying with no success. I guessed the Good Lord listend to me when I had your brother because I made the comment, I didn’t want another baby until he was 5 and wanted a summer baby. Well guess what…when you were born your brother was 5 and you were born in the summer. Its all in God’s timing. : )…You bring so much joy to our family and the perfect last piece to our family. How many couples actually have one boy and one girl?!?!?

I loved you from day one. When we found out that Kaden was going to have surgery (or so we thought) in March of this year, I was so heartbroken, but you never let me get a good cry out. Ha. Every time I start in real good you would make me gag almost to the point of going to far. To me, it was like you were trying to say “Calm down, Momma, everything is going to be ok” and strangely enough I felt comfort in that. Thank you for that sweet pea. We soon found out a few months later that he wouldn’t need surgery and it was time to just focus on you baby girl. I had so much fun picking out everything for your room, your stroller/car seat, things for the baby registry, just happy to finally being able to hold a baby in my arms again after so long of trying.
silly girl...blowing rasberries..:)
I was so afraid when I was in the OR getting prepped to have you. After they finally got my spinal in (which they had trouble with that)…my blood pressure there for a while wouldn’t stablize and I was so afraid they would have to put me out and I wouldn’t be able to hear your first cry, but once everything did FINALLY stabilized and I seen your daddy walk in I was soo happy. Then when I heard that first cry it was such a relief. My baby girl was finally here.
I thank God so much for you in oh so many ways that are indescribable. For your sweet smile I get every single morning when I get you up to put you in your car seat so we can head out to take bubba to school. As I buckle you in I just start saying “Good morning sweet pea” and you just start grining from ear to ear…For all the goo, gahs, screams, and laughs I get from you…for all the cuddles…for all the wanting/needing JUST momma to put you to sleep (even though I don‘t get time to me, lol)…for all the conversations you think you’re have with bubba when momma is driving…for all the having to reach for our faces when we talk to you…and yes all the fusses you give us at times when you just don’t want to do anything! Lol…Then I just simply thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful little girl.
Like bubba, I pray for your future spouse. I hope you find that Godly man who will take care of you, cherish you, treat you the way you need to be treated, and most importantly loves you to the ends of this earth. I pray that you keep God number one in your life. I pray that we’re able to teach you and your brother the bascis of this life and revolve this life around Christ. I pray that you will stay the happiest little girl. I pray that God will lead me to teach you through my doings on how important God is. Thank you God , for such a wonderful little bundle of PINK joy! I love you Miss Bethany Kate!!

Now that I’m caught up hopefully I don’t fall behind this weekend. Ha.

Day 3: My Little Man, Kaden.

Ok so obviously I didn’t get to post Day 3 yesterday. We had a change of plans and we didn’t get home last night until 10:30. Derek’s work was having a dinner/meeting so we went to that while my Memaw watched the kiddos for us. : )

Day 3: My Little Man, Kaden.
You’re momma’s precious baby boy. Even though I know you aren’t a baby anymore, you are quick to tell me you‘re not, but you will always be my baby. You’ve have been through some things during your almost 6 years of life, that no kid should ever have to do or go through. I know right now you don’t know you’re any different and I pray you never have to find out through surgery. I wish you didn’t have to go through the things you might have to face in the future, but your special heart has made me appreciate life so much more. I think God sent you to us to have a way, to have people in aw when they hear all the little miracles he has blessed you with. I’m thankful for God giving us you.

Thankful for Him:
… blessing us with your presence…sending you when he did….because of you we have met so AWESOME heart families…trusting us to bring you up learning about Him…giving us the pleasure of watching you grow and learn…for every conversation we have with you…for every “I love you” out of the blue you give us…for every step you have taken…for every kiss when I drop you off at school…for every wave you give me as you’re walking into school…for every laugh we get to cherish…for every “will you play with me” even if we just got done playing lol…for every “can you fix me some noodles” (your favorite food lol.)…for every “Momma, I’m hungry again” even if you just got done eating it makes me thankful for a growing boy…for every heart check up we get to hear “he’s stable”…for all 3 of scares with heart surgery having the fear of handing you over to a surgeon and maybe not getting you back, because we got to witness just some of the miracles God has performed in your life. All 3 times He has pushed the surgery off, and we were/are going back to every 4-6 months just for a check up!…for all the times you get excited when you hear “We are going to Memaws”. It brings back memories the way I use to act when I heard that and thankful you get to know what and awesome Memaw she is…for all the conversations we have when I pick you up from school telling me about your day…for all the “can you read me this book?”…for being such a great big brother...
for all the times “Jesus wouldn’t like that” when you think we are being mean… and for all times I simply get to hear “Mommy”.

I could go on baby boy. You bring so much joy into my life. I look forward to you growing with each and every day. I look forward to basketball season, then baseball, then maybe you can do soccer next it all whatever you wish to do Kaden. The world is at your fingers tips and I pray you keep God first in your life and everything else will just fall in place. I pray God gives you a godly woman when you decide to get married and you both grow more in the Lord as your daddy and I have. I know that’s a way down the road, but that is what most of your life will be with. Your future spouse and children. I pray you stay happy and loving God as you do. Thank you for you little man. Mommy loves you oh soo much!!

I’m currently working on Day 4...Ha. So I’m hopeing to for sure get it posted today…

Thursday, November 3, 2011

“30 day of giving thanks”...Day 1 &2.

I decided to take the “30 day of giving thanks” on facebook a step further. I think God deserves to hear more than just a couple of sentences for a status of thanks for each day...Although it would be interesting to do it for the whole year. It makes me think of that song we sing at church from time to time…
Count your blessings name them one by one. Count your blessings to see what God has done…
I’m sure it will leave you feeling blessed for sure if you don’t already.
Once again I know I’m late, but just thought of this on the way back from dropping Kaden off from school. It’s amazing how your mind and just start thinking of different things while driving. But to start things off…

Day 1: My Loving God.

Dear God,
These next 30 days are you for. Counting my blessings for 30 days. First and foremost I have to start with you. I’m thankful for you. There is so much I can try say that words just can’t even start to describe how I feel for you. I was blessed enough to come to know you at an early age of 10. Thank you for that salvation. Thank you for your son Jesus. Thank you for the cross. Thank you for “knocking on my hearts door”. Thank you for all you have brought me through in my life when at times its been SOO hard!! But I know without you there’s no way in this world I could’ve gotten passed it. Thank you for bestowing all my blessings upon me. Thank you for caring for me. Thank you for being there when I felt alone. Thank you for listening to me when I was pouring my eyes out to you. Thank you for listening to me when I was praising you whole heartily. Thank you for never straying even when at times I have. Thank you for your word. Thank you for your miracles. Thank you for your forgiveness. Most importantly thank you for LIFE!…I hope these next 30 days will bring you happiness. Thank you for my life, God. Thank you for you! Here’s to you…and many more thanks through this life

Day 2: My Husband.

Today I’m going to publicly write a thank you letter just to show everyone how thankful to God I am for you. I thank God for you everyday since he has brought you into my life. Who knew that just logging on the Christian Chat room that night around 10-10:30pm on May 11, 2004 that I would end up talking to my future husband?!? I know God leads every couple together, but when we were both not looking for mate just to chat with someone, you know God had his hand on leading us together. : ) Babe, thank you for your time that night and every day since then. Thank you for all the small things you did while we were dating. Thank you for Pinky (btw she‘s the pink bear in Bethany‘s month pictures for those who didn‘t already know). : ) Thank you for the numerous trips from Denton to Callisburg (45min drive one way, yes we lived just mins from each other and ended up meeting online in a world chat room) every day there for awhile after school just to see me. Thank you for riding your BIKE when your truck was in the shop to Sanger (which was between 8-10 miles, Ha now you know why I asked you.) when I was there for my cousins pee wee football game and then again when I went with Lainey to her tennis game. Thank you for all the movies we went to see. Thank you for the countless nights when we went to Subway to get our sandwiches and then headed out to the lake to set on of the piers just talking. Thank you for the nights you stayed late just because you didn’t want to leave…and I didn’t want you to. Thank you for the doll you gave me that you and your dad had picked out for your mom. Thank you for telling me all about your dad before he passed the good and the bad. I still wish I was able to meet him to see what he thought about me, but I think that one dream, I had when we were dating, him telling me loved me helped filled that void. Thank you for marrying me. Thank you for picking me to be the one you wanted for the rest of your life. Thank you for being the husband you are today. Thank you for being the daddy you are to our two wonderful children. Thank you for being there for me during our son’s rollercoaster heart journey. Like that song…God gave me you for the ups and downs…Thank you for all them. Thank you for being patient with me during our time trying to get pregnant with our daughter. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for all the stuff you went through just to make us happy. Thank you for working your butt off even when you feel like giving up. Thank you for being the man you are. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for caring for me. Thank you for all our arguments they are what makes us stronger. Thank you for the laughter. Thank you for all the tears. I could go on and on…most importantly…Thank you for being YOU. I love you babe.
Day 3 coming later today…I hope. Motherly duties calls…Ha.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bethany is 5 months old!!!

Happy 5 months to my precious baby girl!! It’s hard to believe you’re just ONE month away from being a half of a year old!!! I know I say it all the time, but where does the time go?!? You are such an active and happy baby! Everywhere we go they compliment on how happy you seem. I hope you stay that way. The only time you wasn’t so happy was on time during Sunday school in the nursery they had to page me to come settle you down. It was because you were getting tired and well lets face it, you being home with mommy all day long shows, lol. Once I got you in my arms after a few pats on the bottom, you were out. The little ladies said well we’ll know what to do next time. : ) They absolutely LOVE you and Miss Brenna (Your little playmate who is 4 days younger than you). Now on to the things you’ve done this passed month.
I don’t know how much you weigh exactly but just taking a guess around 17.5 or so pounds since you were nearly 16 last month

And are about 27 ins long...going by or tape measure that is. :)

You’re now eating 6 oz about every 3-4 hours on the dot along with some cereal at night. Dr. Shaw (your pediatrician) doesn’t want us to start you on anything else until you’re 6 months.
You didn’t care for the cereal at first,

but now you’re liking it pretty well. You get excited when you see the spoon coming towards your mouth.

You have went up to size 3 diapers as of yesterday. : ( You’re our growing girl!

I think you totally skipped size 3-6 months pants all together because they are like capris on you. You can still wear 3-6 mons onesies though. But as far as pants and sleepers miss long legs, you’re wearing 6-9 months.
Miss long legs!

You are still our little rolling pin, although most of the time you get aggravated as soon as you roll on your tummy because you aren’t patient enough (ha) to roll back on to your back.
In action!
You have given up the paci all together BUT momma is still trying to get you to take it instead of your finger! BUT the good thing is you only suck your finger/fist when you go to sleep or getting sleepy. Hopefully I will win this battle. Ha. Here’s to hopeing anyways.
You think you have to have your finger and blanket to go to sleep.
You LOVE to grab our faces when we talk to you. You get the biggest kick out of it!
Attacking bubba...As you see he's loving every min of it!
If I ever need to get you to clam down or start laughing all I have to do is call on your bubba. He can make you laugh better than anyone! Basically all he has to do is roll around on the floor, him falling down on the floor then saying Ow! (Ha), or just acting like his play fighting, will get you laughing every time unless you’re tired that is! : )

You are getting closer to setting up on your own. Yay! Can’t wait until you get to experience that!

Until then you LOVE to set in your bouncer,walker, and bumbo.

You had your second holiday this month…Halloween! : ) You were such a cute little lamb. I wanted you to be a lady bug I just couldn‘t find one I thought was cute enough, but I have to admit the lamb was pretty darn cute too.
Halloween onesie with the bow momma made to match! :)

LOVE your face here!
Everyone thought I made it, and thought when daddy was holding you, that he was holding a stuffed animal.

We’ve done a lot this past month. We went to the Depot Days, Peanut Festival, Bubba’s Fall Festival at school, Zoo Boo, and then at last Trick or Treating! It was a blast doing it as a family of FOUR! You definitely complete our little puzzle called family. We got our little girl who just brings SO much joy to us. I know I will be saying this till the day I die just different age put in, but I can't believe you're already 5 months old already! You're Momma's precious baby girl. Although daddy will probably win you over when you get older like he has Kaden, Ha, just remember Daddy can only do so much when it comes to girls. We on the other hand can go shopping, get pedis, and do all the girly stuff! lol.

I Love you my little Sweet Pea! Happy 5 months!!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

I thought I better post this while I can because tomorrow I will have to do Bethany FIVE month old post already! Wow!

We started the Halloween weekend off by taking Kaden to his school's fall festival.We didn't go the previous years becasue I think we always had something to do at that time. Either way Derek had a meeting with one of his ex-cowokers (I don't think he can function with out Derek. Ha.) about a chart he didn't know how to do and of course my husband being the caring guy he is went and helped him out. So the kiddos and I went to the Fall Festival and had blast.
It cracks me up the way he stands like this at times.

Picking a duck for a prize with his kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Holman. :)

My lil Woody and Lamb.
This is the only picture I got both of them in.
Either one or the other wasn't in the mood any other time. Ha.
Going fishing for a prize.

Dart throwing for a prize...his Pre-K teacher was doing this one.

Ring toss...I should've got him some real boots to wear, but didn't think about it.

Is he a cowboy or what?!? Ha.
Trying to knock down the cups by shooting the gun at them.

That lasted about 3- 4:15...then at 6 we were going to the zoo boo. We’ve been going ever since Kaden’s first Halloween. Although I think after this year we’ve just decided we are going to stop doing it. I think it’s more of seeing the zoo than it is about trick or treating, but since we will be paying 28 dollars next year since Bethany will be 1 it won’t be worth it with them only getting MAYBE 12 pieces of candy each. We’ve seen the zoo PLENTY of times now. Lol. Although Kaden did have fun and that is all it matters. : ).

Daddy and his little lamb..although he doesn't like this picture of him. Ha
He thinks he looks old in it. Which by the way will be 26 on the 16th. :)

Ready for candy...
Yes he already had some from the Fall Festival. lol.

Checking out the flamingos.

My little Woody lol. His hat fell off because of "Sparky's ear..

And that is why he's standing like this. Ha.
Love my lil family!

Oh and he LOVED this... Getting a picture with Curious George.
He loves that show and it was cute because George was playing with the
kids acting like the real George. :)

Getting goodies.

My Woody. :)

Checking out the porcupine.

Winning the girls over...and Bethany catching the attention too.

Here's the stance again. He's crazy!

Finally a picture with Momma. :)

Just one of the many props they had.

Then it was over for that night. Sunday we got a break and was resting up. I planned on posting all this previous stuff, but I was too tired. Then yesterday I wasn't feeling so hot and didn't get around to posting yesterday either. But just decided to wait because I knew there were more pictures to come from trick or treating. :) This was the first year we took Kaden trick or treating. Why we waited this long? I don't know. But Kaden had fun once he got over his shyness. Everyone ohh and awed at Bethany too of course. There were people thinking I made her costume, but nope I got it at Walmart. :) Can't wait until next year we will be chasing two little ones.

Getting ready to head out..

Daddy and his girl...

Kaden not so sure abut this...

Finally sucess with the first home..

Getting better, but daddy still has to go first. Ha.

Evil eyes...Ha he was pretty used to it by now.

Momma's girl.. :)

Our little man!

We're doing finally! :)

Bethany already gave it up long time ago! :)
 Needless to say we had a BUSY Halloween weekend plus Monday. :) We had a blast though and can't wait until next year when we will have another little one walking around. Now that Halloween is over it's time to focus on Thanksgiving then with Christmas fastly apporaching finding the perfect gifts for our precious two little miracles. It will be a fun holiday season. The Lord knows we have a TON to be thankful for! May God bless you all! Hopefully I will be able to get Bethany's 5 month post on here tomorrow. So stay tuned!