Monday, July 25, 2011

Fourth of July

Last year we started our own little family tradition. We took Kaden to see the fireworks in Denton, Texas at the University of North Texas stadium where they were having a firework show put on by the Kiwanis. I have to admit, my hubby was right, it was a pretty amazing show. I was used to my dad’s side of the family putting on their annual show (which they still do) just to have fun and spend family time together, just out the country. So it was nice to see a show like that. So since Kaden LOVED it and asked every time throughout the year we passed that stadium going through Denton, if we were going to stop to see the fireworks, we decided it something we need to do as a family every year. Last year at this time we were babysitting Saydee.
Kaden being goofy like always. :)
It's funny...Bethany had more hair than her now, then Saydee did at 5 mons. lol

Me and my lil man!

She’s like our little godchild in a way just don’t have that title. Lol. We had her every other weekend it seemed like that year. Her mom was a teenage single mother (I went to school with her older sister and knew her growing up) and just needed time away. Little did we know a year later we would be taking OUR precious little girl to the firework show. : ) It still amazes me thinking about it. Derek mentioned while we were waiting for the show to start, “I bet you couldn’t picture this, at this time last year”. And it’s true. About this time last year I was beginning to think I wasn’t able to get pregnant again. We tried a year and half about to get pregnant this time around, that’s what having Bethany means oh so much to me and of course her daddy. : )

Me and my girl!

Daddy and his lil girl...she was getting hungry. Ha.

Big brother and his lil the faces. Momma had to get a picture though. :)
 It was HOT this year, but we managed and daddy went by Sonic to get us some drinks. Derek took Kaden to play on the bounce playgrounds while Bethany and I just hung out in the stands. Of course I had to take a lot of pictures….

I gave Derek the camera to take pictures of our lil man playing.
I ♥ Him!
Such a hamm...He's growing up WAY to fast!

Elvis was there too!! :-)
Me and my loves... don't know what is up with the face I'm making lol.
lol...Kade didn't want his picture taken again.
lost count of what number this attempt to get all 4 of

Another attempt...closer though! lol.

Daddy and his kiddos...looks like he was getting tired of pictures too. Ha.
But of course not when he wants one of him and his baby girl...
brown belly button and all, thanks to the sliver nitrate.

We finally gave in and had someone take one of all of us...
Our first family picture of the FOUR of us. :-)

Me and my lil man taking pictures to pass the time..

And of course he wanted to do a "goofy face" picture.

lol...can you tell we we were getting bored?!?

Wiped out!

Starting to get crowded..

Chow time!

My brown eyed boy!

Chillen out...I changed her outfit so it wouldn't be so hot!

Daddy goofin off...
Our Happy Baby Girl!!

We have tons of pictures like this...
It just melts my heart seeing him with his baby girl.♥

Finally the show started...we got the rest on the video camera.

 As you can see we had a blast!! We got there a tad bit early, but we didn't know what time it was going to start for sure. I hope you all enjoyed the pictures... I'm trying to catch this blog up before Bethany's two month post. :) Can't believe she will be 2 mons on the 2nd! Time is flying by! I will end this post with some pictures I took of my dad's side of the family's little get together on the 3rd of July for fireworks...Take care and May God bless each and everyone of you!!

My niece Makalya with my aunt and uncle and Kaden in the background

Kaden thought he had to change clothes because he got wet,
so yes he did dress himself but had to have a flag shirt (from last year) on still.

My crazy dad...these were suppose to be for the grand kids lol.

I think they got more enjoyment out of them than the grand kids.
Gotta love them!

Attempting to get a picture with all 4 grand kids.


Kaden: 5 yrs 4 mons 5days old
Makayla: 4yrs 7 mons 16 days old
Chloe: 9mons 16 days old
Bethany: 1 mon 1 day old

They are my parents pride and joys! Yes Kaden is the only grandson...for now anyways.
Please keep my mom in your prayers she has just two chemo treatments left then she'll start radiation
5 days a week for 5 weeks. She goes back this Thursday for a treatment.
Thanks for the prayers!
God is Good!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Miss Bethany Kate Insall
June 2, 2011
at 8:06 am.
8lbs 10.6oz and 19.5ins.

These are just a handful of pictures from her first month that I picked out. I will do a post on her month birthday as well as a picture post from our first July 4th as a family of four. :)  God has blessed us with wonderful precious children. How we were lucky enough to have one of each right after each other, I will never understand, but now...Our family is complete! 

May God bless you all...