Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Catching up...

Hey Everyone!

Once again, I'm behind! lol. I can't believe it's been 3 1/2 months since I posted the last update. Oops!...I update his carepage, but forget to update this one. So sorry for all of you who keep up with Kaden through here. A lot of things has happend since February 4th.

First of all February 28th, out precious little boy turned FOUR!!!...It just seems like yesterday since I was finding out I was pregnant with him, which would be 5 years ago next month! Wow!...As bad as I wish he was still that little newborn, cuddling him, smelling him, loving him, singing "Hush little baby" to get him to fall asleep...I want him to be the age he is now!...After all I can still cuddle him, smell his hair, love him....but only when he allows me too lol...and singing "Hush little baby" is a no go these days, because tell you the truth I think he still remembers it. It came on TV the other day off some cartoon, so I started singing it, and the first thing he did was just look at me like he knew what it was, and proceeded to tell me he wasn't a baby anymore. Now days, I take a hug every moment he offers one, cherish his "I love you, Mommy"'s with everything in me, and continue to love MY baby although he's growing like a weed!...We found out at his 4 yr check up that he's in the 90% for his height and 75% for his weight....going to be just like his daddy, who is starting to look more and more like!...

Then April 22nd, I went to register "big boy" Kaden for PRE-K!!! I get teary eyed just thinking of it. He will be starting school August 23rd, and will be going from 8-3:30: Monday-Friday!...I'm excited, but sad all at one time. But I know this is just another milestone in his life, but it's sad knowning that his first stage of life is over. While he probably won't cry his first day, mommy probably will be crying from the moment I wake up! lol... I won't be spending my day watching my baby grow and learn. Instead, I'm going to go to work for a while. becasue well I won't be able to stay home with nothing to do! lol...I'm going to work untill I get pregnant...Yes, we are going to be trying..again..come August!...I'm excited, hopefully and prayerfully it won't take us long. : )...I just decided we are going to raise how ever many kiddos the Lord will bless us with, then once they are all in school, that's when I will go back for my nursing. We've just decided, after having Kaden, how much I love doing it and how much I don't want them to be raised by day care. We didn't put Kaden in daycare becasue well at first it was because of his heart condition, but then we relized how much a blessing it is to be able for me to do that. Like I said before, there will always a college there, but kids won't stay little for long!...

April 30, my sister found out that she's having another precious girl! So the end of September sometime miss Chole Belle Thomison will be making her way into this world!...Hopefully Makalya (3 yr old,big sister) will do fine. We think she's going to have some jealously issues, beucase she already told my mom and dad that Chole can't go over to their house lol and her daddy can't play with Chole! lol...This to shall pass I'm sure lol.

May 7-8, we babysat my friend's little 3 mon old girl, Saydee! I think that's when we really decided we were ready for another one. :) Kaden did so well with her and was telling us to be careful when we were changing her was priceless!..Then while sitting on the couch, while Saydee was sound asleep we had this convo:

Kaden: Mommy, what is 'Kayla' (thats what he calls Makalya) going to have?
Me: She's going to have a baby sister.
Kaden: Like mine?
Me:...*laughing* this isn't yours, baby, we are just watching her. She will be going back tomorrow. Mommy don't have a baby in her tummy.
Kaden: Oh...'Kayla' mom does.

LOL. It was too cute. Soon Kaden.. hopefully. :)....I'm sure Kaden is all confused and wonders why his mommy don't have a baby in her tummy, because Makalya is going to have a baby sister due end of september, and Garrett his other play buddy ( actually Derek's cousin but he's 8 weeks younger than Kaden) is going to be having a baby brother due the middle of August. lol. But maybe when September gets here we will get pregnant, because my sister became pregnant with Makalya around the time Kaden was born and just didn't know it at the time lol. But all we can do it pray that will all work out for the best! : )

Back track a little...Feb 28, on Kaden's birthday, we joined our new church. First Baptist Church in Whitesboro, Texas. :) Awesome church! Kaden loves it! In March, I was asked to be the temp 3-4 yr old Sunday school director because their teacher has breast cancer and taking chemo. Keep her in your prayers Donna Alsup. It's been a blessing. It gets crazy at times, but I love it! So it didn't take us well me to fall in place lol. God is Good!

With Kaden starting School in August, and since Kaden's cardio check up wasn't until November, I decided to reschedule his appt to some time before School started so I can get an ok and feel better about him starting. So He will be going back August 12 for a check up and hopefully, prayerfully, we will get STABLE!!...

Kaden gave mommy scare May 4th when we woke up. He took a tumble on the local school May 2nd, and I noticed when he woke up on the 4th that he had a knot behind his ear...well I knew from taking some anatomy classes...that it was possibly the lymph node, but it was HUGE and it had me worried becasue it was on the same side of where he hit his head on the track so I called and they got him in. Come to find out it was just an infected lymph node and probably was from his scrape on his forehead from when he fell...gave us some antibotics to give him...and if he didn't go away in a week, we would have to take him back in and they would probably have to drain it...Well I notice Monday morning it wasn't down all the way. It did go down some but I could still see it. So I gave it until Tuesday then Icalled and asked about it...wanted to be safe than sorry...well they wanted to see him. Come to find out it's Normal! The Lymph node just sit on top of the bone so therefore you can see it. We were told as long as it isn't tender to the touch, or enlarged like it was, then it's ok. Thank you God!....

Well, I think I've updated all I can think of anyways. I will try to get some pictures on here tomorrow or at least before Friday!...

Keep all the heart kiddos in your prayers as well as any sick kids out there!
Thank you for checkin in on Mr. Kaden!

Take care and May God bless you all!!
With love from the ♥,
Kaci :)