Thursday, December 17, 2009

2010 It's My Heart Walk

Hello Everyone!
It's that time again where we try to get ready for wonderful Christmas! It takes talent to plan out a 3 day hoilday around both sides of our families.
Christmas Eve: Evening we see my dad's side of the family (that consits of 30 if we are all there! Fun times!).
Christmas Day: Morning we do our thing here at home, around 9 we go to my mom's house stay till about 1. Get to Derek's mom's house around 1:30 stay untill about 5, then we leave to go see Derek's Uncle's family and his grandparents getting there around 6 and stay probably overnight and then
Day after Christmas: Saturday going to my Memaw's house to spend time with mom's side of the family and then go see Papaw in the nursing home then taking down all Memaw's Christmas decorations since Derek and I usually help put them up. andwe haven't decided but plan on staying the night at Memaw's on Saturday and going with her to Church on Sunday. Then head home after lunch.So yeah I wasn't joking when I said we have a FULL 3 days to plan. Hopefully all will go to plan but I won't be surprised if it don't lol. I love Christmas time though!! We get to enjoy the greatest gifts God has given us..Family!...

Now the title. We are going to go to the 4th Annual It's My Heart Walk down in Houston, Texas on February 20,2009. Day after my birthday :). As some of you know we attempted going to this last year actually we had it all planned out but the car had to go in the shop and cost just enough what we put back for the trip!:( So we are trying again this year. Prayerfully we will be able to go this year...We have a page up for Kaden's team...Kaden's Warriors...same as last year since we didn't get to go...We set our goal at $500. If you all would be kind enough to donate...:) know you want $5 is all I ask..if 100 people donates $5 we will have our goal! Here is the page if you all are interested!
Hopefully it will work. If not just copy and pasted it. Thank you in advance!

Now on to Kaden. We went today to get his second dose of H1N1 and mommy and daddy got the nasal spray as well today. Not to mention our tetanus and whooping cough. So we should all be set :) Kaden wasn't to happy to find out he had to get another shot but mommy and daddy got one to so he was satisfied with that lol...Other than that Kaden is doing Wonderful! He jog most of a mile the other day while we were at the local school...My Highschool I graduated from which by the way missed State Football by one game...Good Season though Wildcats!!...Anywho Derek was running I was walking and Kaden was playing then decided he wanted to be like daddy. That kid amazes me. He did walk some but jogged most of it. Them are the times I feel very blessed. and Derek calls him his pride and joy. He wants him to be a runner so bad he can taste it but doesn't want to push him becasue of his heart but he did all that by himself without anyone pushing him or telling him to come on. :) So proud if you couldn't tell. lol...

Oh! Anyone who is wanting a card and pictures from the wonderful Insall family and pictures of the amazing Kaden lol e-mail me your address or leave it on the messages and I will be more than Happy to send them out! We pick up the pictures on Monday. Can't wait Kaden did soo well this year!

I guess that is all...I hope all is going well with everyone. I don't know when I will post again.. but incase I don't update again before Christmas since its 8 days away!! I hope you all have a Very Merry CHRISTmas!!!

Keep all the heart and cancer kiddos in your prayers especailly all the ones that are in the Hosptial. As well as the families who have lost loved ones this year. Take care and May God bless you all!!

With love from the ♥,