Thursday, February 4, 2010


for two heart families dear to me...

Lyle Family:
They found out Tuesday thier precious son, Zeb, will be facing surgery soon! They will find out sometime this weekend or next week when that date will be. Just keep this family in your prayers! They mean a lot to me! Kaden and Zeb have the same CHD I think thats why I'm so close to them and the fact they are loving and there to offer any prayers our family may need so its time to send prayers for them especially little Zeb! I know he will do great though, he's a strong adorable little man. :)

Jacks Family:
Their son, Logan, just had another open heart surgery last month. He was home and doing good then a fever appeared. They don't know why it's sticking around. So just pray that they find out whatever is causing this and prayerfully its nothing serious. They are headed to hosptial again for an echo so just pray that his effusion hasn't reappeared and they get the answer they've been searching explaination. Hang in there Logan!

Kaden is doing Some of you are on my facebook but for the ones who aren't, Kaden also had a fever they couldn't put a finger on. He started off Tuesday before last (jan 26) well thats when we took him to the doctor for his HORRIBLE cough...well we got the throw around about cough medicine between his pedi vs cardio and bascially just decided to let it take its couse.
Well Monday he was STILL coughing not as much but some enough that it was bugging him. So I finally called the cardio and asked what medicine could I give him. I wasn't put on hold this timeand was forward to his cardiologist right away...I was told anything that was just for cough was ok to give cough and cold or cough and chest congestion...just cough....So I go to walmart and get the triaminic long acting seemed to help....
Tuesday morning when he woke up he 10 he was running a 100.5 fever. Gave him tylenol it went away. at 1 took his temp again and it was 100.9 and was still a hour away before I could give him anything. So I called his pedi and they wanted to see him at 3....oh and he wasn't eating and barely drinking!...

They tested him for strep...negative....

Tested him for flu...negative....

Chest was clear

Ears were clear

So his pedi didn't know what he had. He decided to play it by ear and just go with a cold. He just didn't understand why he was having a temp during the day with a cold...So he sent us home told us if he was still having the same symptoms then they wanted to him Thursday (today) to do blood work and x-rays....Well he's temp hasn't got over 99.5...but when it does it usually goes down by its self and he's back to eating and drinking. So I guess it was cold. Praise the Lord! I really didn't want to take him to get the blood work done becasue I can't stand to see him in pain! lol...But by the power of prayer hes ok.
That's why I'm asking for prayers for these two wonderful families and their precious sons. Us heart families know what the power of prayer can do, so lets all get together and pray for these families for healing and comfort.
Thank you for checking in! I will post pictures soon!
Take care and May God bless each and everyone of you!!!

With love from the ♥,