Thursday, January 13, 2011

Going to meet with Dr. Fraser.

That's right...We will be Houston bound February 7th possibly 6th if we decide to stay the night in the hotel to avoid getting up around 4-5 am and heading to Texas Children's to be there by 10:30 am. It will take is 5 1/2 hours but that isn't including traffic SOOO we might stay the night.

We will have to have Kaden there by 10:45 to check in and paper work...yuck!
He will have the echo around 11-11:15.
We will see the cardio on staff...a woman. at 1:30.
Then they set us up to meet with Dr. Fraser by 3:15. :/
And said we should be headed home by 4.

So it will be a long day then another 5 1/2 hours back home. I'm nervous of course but anxious to meet the man that will be opening my son's chest one of these days hopefully not soon. Hopefully we will get a better picture on when surgery will be although I know it's not telling with heart kiddos.

So please keep Kaden in your prayers. Pray for a safe drive for us as well as a safe return...Poor Derek will be driving.. I don't do city driving...I'm a small country girl. lol.

And of course we will have to allow time for restroom breaks considering my Doctor wants me to stop every 2 hours to get out and stretch for the baby. It will be an interesting day but will be well worth it. :)

May God bless you all!

With love from the ♥,

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sorry for the WAY overdue update….for that reason...It's LONG!

I just usually get on long enough to check e-mails and face book…post a few status or updates, comment on some friends status, post if anyone I know is needing prayers…just never make it far enough to check blogs or carepages…

PLUS there has been quite a few changes around here….
Most of you might have known if you followed us on carepages or whatnot…but we’ve been trying for another one with no success and once we found out the news of Kaden’s cardio situation back in August we put on trying for another one on hold after a year and half-two years.

August was a crazy month…

12th - Cardiologist Appointment. : we got the news we never wanted to hear. My baby’s aortic valve was now leaking more…there was talk about surgery…Soon. We left knowing we HAD to make a decision for a surgeon knowing that we will one day…sooner than we thought…would have to hand him over and trust him…but most of all trust God…that our little boy would be ok.

23rd- Our baby boy started school…It took a major adjustment on Kaden…ok Mommy. Kaden did/is doing wonderful. But I was now stuck at home…in silence.

September was calm for the most part…

2nd - Mommy’s was on cloud nine…My baby boy came home with a Good leader on his folder. Knowing he was having fun…being good…Loving school…I could rest and know he was ok.

9th- We made the decision all heart parents NEVER want to make…We decided after much research…The Surgeon we would have operate on our precious baby boy would be Dr. Fraser at Texas children’s in Houston. Yes we knew we would have to drive 6 hours south but distance was never a concern when it came to the best surgeon to repair our son’s Aortic Valve. It was comfort to know though we wouldn’t have to go out of state like we were considering…it helped knowing other heart parents who had experiences with Dr. Fraser and his staff and hospital…just made it feel right when we came across him and started considering him. Now.. We wait!…nothing new there!

17th - We welcomed my brand new niece into this world…

Chloe Bell Thomison
7lbs 10.2 oz 19 ins
Proud Auntie! :)

We spent the rest of the month…Packing. And packing. Moving packed stuff in storage…..packing some more. Lol….My poor wonderful husband…having to do most of the moving by himself you will soon to find out why…

October was yet another crazy but exciting month..

Don’t know the dates for sure but We decided to start looking for a house…
Then We decided on one…
Paper work time!

13th - We found out something that would change our lives forever…not just mine…or my husband…or even for Kaden on that matter…but for all of us…

That’s right…When we stopped trying…That’s when God blessed us with this other miracle…We decided we weren’t going to tell Kaden until we got out of the area where chances for miscarriage goes down…. I was shocked…I cried. Derek I talked about when we got pregnant we wasn’t going to tell anyone until later. BUT that didn’t happen. Derek brought the test home.. I told him not to get one cause test after test it showed negative and I decided I wasn’t going to get one until weeks into missing period…because I frankly just didn’t want to see another negative. Well needless to say he got one…and yes I was further into the missed period than the other times but STILL didn’t think I was because I wasn’t keeping up with dates…we weren’t trying…didn’t think it was possible. Needless to say he talked me into taking it…It was a two test box…So he wanted me to take one that after noon when he got home and if was negative I could take the next one in the morning since the better time to take it is in the morning…well…I took it….Waited…and waited…and waited some more….

Derek was outside at time playing with Kaden. I was stuck in the bathroom waiting which seemed to be FOREVER knowing it was going to negative just knew it…but there was still that “voice” in the back of my mind saying “what if”…3 mins later. As I was watching it go across. I was thinking this CAN’T be true…what if Kaden had surgery when I was having the baby…That soon left my mind…I was standing there in shock. Went in the kitchen where the box was explaining it at…to make sure. About that time Derek walked in and said well…I just simply told him…well we’re pregnant. It didn’t hit me until I was on the phone with my mother….Took a while to tell her huh?!? Can you tell I was excited?!?…How did I tell her? Well I took a picture like the one above on my phone…texted it to her and nothing else. She responded back with “are you serious?” So I called her. I then began to start bawling…I was SOO happy finally…finally…after all this wait…I was pregnant. We then went to Derek’s mom’s house later that evening. Since she couldn’t receive pictured text… I had taken pictures of when Kaden smashed is thumb in the car door…(poor thing still hasn’t healed completely yet…waiting for the nail to fall off) I took 2 pictures of it…then the picture I took of the test was right after that. I just told her there was 3 pictures so just keep going until you see the third one…. She was “WHAT? Are you? I’m going to be a mee mee again!!”…

Kaden would soon be a big brother…
we were getting a new house
with THREE bedrooms not just two.
God had a plan from the get go.
I was just to stubborn to understand that.

We were getting a new house just in time because 8 months from now we were having a new BABY!!! PS: I still took the other pregnancy test in the morning…and it was still positive!!!!

A weird family fact…My sister was 2 weeks pregnant with her first one….Makalya…when I had Kaden and never knew it…….When she had her second…Chloe…I was two weeks pregnant with this one… and never knew it….YES, God I know you had a plan! Lol..

23rd- We moved in with mom…while they were getting our old house 14x70 pulled out and getting the area ready for our new one to come in…18x76. Yes we have sooo much more room…until baby 2 comes along. Haha…

30th - We took Kaden to Zoo Boo. Something we’ve ALWAYS done since his first Halloween. He loves it and we don’t have to worry about spiked candy. Since we live out in the country it’s kinda hard to even go trick or treating…He had a blast…as IRON MAN!!
Pictures to come soon… those were on my mom’s camera since mine was in storage…

November never slowed down…

3rd- I went to the baby doctor the first time in 5 years…not just for a check up but because there was a little one inside me!! It just confirmed what we already knew and the typical first appointment… My official due date would be June 11th….I would go back the 24th day before thanksgiving for a check up and the first ULTRASOUND!!!!

10th- we finally had electricity hooked up to our new house thanks to my wonderful uncle Jeff… It’s nice being part of a big family…there’s always someone there to help. Derek and my brother who just happens to be a plumber hooked up all the stuff in that department.

11th - We FINALLY got the go ahead to move in! Once again Derek did most of it expect my cousin helped him move the big stuff in. We finally got to enjoy our bigger home…so much space…so much wall space that looked empty…

12th- 21st….was spent rearranging…praying…moving… Praying…Unpacking…praying for Good news…

21st- Kaden found the pregnancy flyer thing that had every stage of pregnancy on our kitchen counter…He asked what it was. I told him it’s a baby inside peoples tummy like Chloe was in Ashley’s (my sister) tummy. Then the lil’ smarty asked if there was one in me.. I said well do you want one to be….He said “yes”, “so there can be two kids”. “so it can grow up like me”…relieved that he wanted a baby sibling, I asked what he wanted it be. He said girl. Lol. But it has since been changed to a boy. He wants a baby brother. So we shall see..

22nd- We took Kaden to the cardiologist for yet another check up… on a Good news note… his leakage was stable…. His heart size didn’t increase any although he has grown some… BUT (there is always a but)…We were asked when the best time of the year would be best for surgery…. What?!? Why?!?….was going through my head… We proceeded to say the Summer so it wouldn’t affect Kaden’s schooling. Then my jaw dropped… knowing it’s a possibility…She started talking about THIS summer…All my worries of having another child while having a heart child was starting to come true…. Dr. Pearse (Kaden’s cardio) was talking about this summer MAYBE…She’s basically leaving it up to Dr, Fraser to see what best time he thinks is time for intervention… We take him back in March sometime the week of Kaden’s spring break so he doesn’t have to miss any school that way she said if surgery needs to be scheduled for this summer they will have time to do so…So we may being having a baby June 3rd since they want to take it a week early considering I had a c-section with Kaden. Then possibly 2 weeks later if not sooner we might be heading down to Houston for Kaden’s surgery while our new baby is 6 hours away and me having to pump all this time. AGH… Yes, I know God you have a plan…. So with that being said…We are praying. Hopeing his Surgery won’t be until Summer ‘12 so we can enjoy this summer as a family of FOUR! But if God sees time…then we will just take one day at a time…
(I talked to his cardio about me being pregnant while we were there and they want to do a fetal echo on this one to make sure all is good. This should happen sometime this month)

24th- Our first Ultrasound with baby # 2. Kaden was out of school for Thanksgiving holiday. So he was able to go with us to see his baby sibling for the first time!

                                                     11weeks 4 days
Isn’t it cute? It was standing on it’s head the whole time but did make some movements for us. Heartbeat was strong. This pregnancy is so different from Kaden… I have morning sickness and headaches!!

25th - Thanksgiving!!! Needless to say we have SOO much to be thankful this year. Not to mention just in the week leading up to this day. We got Good news some what with Kaden. Our little bean is growing and right on track with a STRONG heartbeat. New house. God has been doing wonders in our family just this past few months!! God is SOO Good!

December was a calm month…

Considering our past months. It was spent…me being sick. I started watching my nieces in November as well as my sister went back to work. Having a blast with them…but still miss my baby boy!

25th- Was a wonderful Christmas! We are always busy running to different places but its was wonderful. They brought my papaw home from the nursing home. First time in 2 years. He’s did and is doing wonderful. He has since caught the cold, He’s amazing. We had a great time with family. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about? Spending time with family together celebrating Jesus’s birthday! Doesn’t get much better.
Pictures to follow later don't want to make it too long! lol.
January has been calm…so far.

This past year had its up and downs. But doesn’t every year?… Nothing much has happened so far. Kaden started back school on the 3rd it took mommy readjusting again. I’ve been watching my nieces off and on. On the 19th is the day we are waiting for… at least I am. We go to try to find out what this little trouble maker is. Trouble maker? Yes very much so…

With Kaden it was an AWESOME pregnancy it really was. Never had a problem until 3 weeks before he was due I developed High blood pressure and well they ended up taking him that night. With the one. HA… I’ve had morning sickness from day one. Thought it would go away after my first trimester. HA again. I get sick every morning. I don’t have an appetite for anything! Ok maybe just biscuits with jelly and Chicken noodle soup. Sad huh? Lol The thought of food makes me gag. Every time I eat something… I know as soon as I stand up I will start gaging... It never fails. I have these HORRIBLE headaches every day or every other day. Just was told it was hormones. Really?!?…and smellss are the worst! I never…repeat never!…had a problem changing a baby’s diaper… but with me watching Chloe I gag almost to the point throwing up when I change her diaper or if she spits up and some food when I cook it gags me lol. Needless to say I’m ready for this kiddo to get here…. I will be 18 weeks tomorrow! Almost half way there! Woo hoo!

Kaden ask every day just about if we can cut it out yet. He is wanting it to be here. He’s excited. The good thing is… his last day is June 2nd. They will probably take the baby the 3rd. Talk about timing!…once again… Yes I know God. Haha…

Funny story. I think God must have listened lol. But when Kaden was born. I said soon after I didn’t want to have another one until he was 5 and wish it was in the Summer so it will be far from Christmas…Well as time when on. He grew. I longed for that baby back. I wanted another one…BAD!…So we began to try when Kaden was 3. Well…Kaden will be 5 years and 3 months and some days old when this one gets here….and well…it will be in the summer… I think I got my way. I just wanted it sooner. Impatient? I say so.

I said this was long. I wasn’t joking. Now for all of you who made it this far. Thank you for keeping up with us although there are periods in-between I go with out updating. Life gets a hold me to me. I don’t stay on the computer long. But I love you all. I thank you all for keeping Kaden in your prayers. I just ask you do the same for the other little one. We go sometime at the end of this month I’m guessing to do a fetal echo. :/ Praying everything is ok there. I hope you all had a wonderful new years! And I hope this year will bring each and everyone of you so many blessings! Just don’t forget to thank God for them! Thanks again. May God bless you all!

With love from the heart,
Kaci - Mother of soon to be 2