Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy 7 months, Miss Bethany!!

Happy 7 months Sweet Pea! It’s hard to believe it was 7 months ago we were blessed with your presence in this world. It became sweeter that’s for sure! You were busy this month! I guess that’s why it flew by as fast as it did. I sure hope it doesn’t mean the months are passing faster. : /.
I don’t know your exact weight or height, but I’m guessing you’re about 19.5 lbs and about 29ins.
You looking cute as always!
You started eating fruit this month and you LOVE the peaches and pears the best!

Ha- not a very good picture...but had to put it on here because you can
see her teeth! :)

Pretty baby girl!

I started putting you in your crib at night. I was worried you wouldn’t sleep all night and the whole your not beside me anymore was hard at first, BUT you did/are doing great! During bubba’s Christmas break you got off schedule for whatever reason and was waking up at night, but you have since been ok since he went back. Thank Goodness! HA.
One morning when I woke you up...I always put you down the same way
every night, but you are always in a different postion when I go to wake you up. :)
You officially became a sitter December 7th! Which helps out a ton and you can tell you enjoy you’re independence.

Playing before bedtime. :)

Momma gets the joy of fixing your hair now!! It's finally long enough to put up in pig tails...So far you do awesome while I'm fixing your hair. You're hair is crazy all over the place if its not up in pig tails, but I refuse to cut it! Ha.
So precious!

You had your first Christmas this month and you cleaned out good! Momma had to clean out your closet for the stuff we didn’t need anymore just to make room for toys! You can sure tell we have a baby in the house again. You did good opening up presents even though I would have to take the paper away from you before it ended up in your mouth like everything does. Ha.
You and Kaden with your cousins. :)
Makalya, Chloe, Bethany, and Kaden.

You and Papa (My daddy).

Some new clothes...12months! Yes you're growing like a weed!

Ducky! You love this!

At Nannie and Papa's house playing with your new toys.

Playing with your new toy!

Daddy getting you started early...he the same
thing to your brother about the same age.

You and your daddy...

Memaw, Kaden, Papaw, and you. : )
(My wonderful grandparents)

Daddy, Gramps(Derek's step-dad), and Bethany.

You and your Aunt Amy...(Derek's sister)
My precious babies. : )

Kiddos in their chairs their Great Memaw gave them.

You are getting close to crawling. You will get up on your knees and try to push off but you won’t get completely up on your hands yet. (Maybe you will be like your daddy and do the “army crawl”). I know it will happen in your own time.
We went to bubba's Christmas party at school and the little girls all said,"Aww" as soon as we walked in and Kaden said..that's my little sister. He loves you soo much! It was priceless. :)

The outfit you wore.
Your Christmas outift...I had to order a bow to match it...

Precious picture with the bow. :)
Love this picture...I asked Kaden to watch you for a second
while I was getting both of y'alls clothes ready so we could go to the
heart doctor and this is what he did...he gave you a controller and you
looked like you knew what you were doing...TOO cute!
He's always taking good care of you!

You also started reaching to us on December 27th. It’s soo cute. You just don’t reach out you pat our hand when we open our hands to you.

You had your first vacation this month! Actually the first one Daddy and Mommy had with you kids period that was out of state that is. We went to Tompkinsville, Kentucky to see mommy’s best friend Lizzie. So in your first 7 months of life you’ve been to Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky (It has taken me 24 years to do that. Ha). We left out December 30th at 7 pm and arrived December 31st just before 8 am in Kentucky. You were a great traveler! Maybe it was because we traveled at night, but either way it went better than I had expected. You had a great time. You didn’t get too fussy the whole time were gone. It was your first time to meet Lizzie and you LOVED her just as much as she loved you! : -)
Having fun swinging! :)

Love her! I hope and pray you're able to find a true friend like
her in your lifetime. She's awesome.

She loves him too of course. :)

 We also went by to meet some of her family and you didn’t fuss one time…ok you did, but it was just when I was putting you back in your car seat to leave. Her grandma loved you and you obviously loved her! I’m so glad you are such a happy baby.
You are pretty much content with anything and anyone holding you, unless momma gets out of sight then here we go. Ha. You also loved Coy, Lizzie’s soon to be husband. You were content with him too while he was holding you at the New Year Eve party his family was having. I can’t wait until we go back up there in October for their wedding. : - )

On our way back through we stopped at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee.

Yes you had shoes...we just had to get you out of your stroller to take
a picture and well you were almost asleep - thats the reason for your hand in your mouth too. Ha.
It was wonderful. I wish I remembered my camera and we could have taken some better pictures, but we were in a hurry and wanted to leave the house as soon as we could to get on the road. (It was Daddy’s last minute decision to take a road trip. Lol) We got back home around 2 am on January 2.
Don't mind the hair. Ha. She just woke up and I just happen to snap this picture
and her eyes just popped out! ♥ it!! Her eyes always look like a different color.
It's a joy watching you grow and learn! This next month should be interesting to see if you start crawling and getting into everything! I guess I better get ready and start baby proofing the house for one last time. I love you sweet baby girl! You bring so much joy to our family that only you could have brought. Not everyone gets to say we have two boy and one girl. Our little happy family of four! God is amazing! May you always keep him first and the rest will just fall in place. Happy belated 7 months precious girl! Daddy, Momma, and Bubba loves you soo much!!!