Monday, October 24, 2011

Two post in one. :)

I never got the chance to set down and do a post on these when I wanted to. With Kaden getting strep and trying to get him well while taking care of Bethany I just didn’t have the time…BUT better late than never. These pictures were from 2 different weekends. I figured I need to try to get this done since Halloween is this weekend.
 Depot Days in Gainesville, Texas.
October 8, 2011

It’s been kinda our little families tradition ever since they first started this we would go and see what they had out. Its always on the second Saturday of October. They didn’t have hardly anything for the kiddos to do, but I think Kaden managed anyways…

It took me forever to convince Kaden this slide would be fun. Him and his dad have this thing if they swing to high, or go down a hill to fast, or even slide from this high up….

 Their head “tickles”. Ha. Needless to say I don’t understand what they mean, but both of theirs does it. It’s funny driving down a steep off ramp in Sherman, because they will grab their head at the exact same time laughing.

They had a little bike show there too and Kaden loved watching it.

I was given the same look from the both of them. Ha..
They were watching the bike show...
The Cooke County Courthouse is behind them.

Miss Bethany and momma just hung out and walked around. I didn’t see anything I could die for, but then again there wasn’t much there this year as compared to previous years.

I just put her back in after she was asleep and she
 kept doing this when she woke back up.
crazy girl. :)
We didn’t stay long this year, but had fun anyways. It’s just always fun getting out together as a family of FOUR now instead of three. : -)

After we left, we decided to go grab something to eat at Applebees out by the local outlet mall where I used to work up until Kaden turned 2 then I just decided being home was more important. While I worked at OshKosh B’Gosh the ducks from the two ponds they have out in front of the mall would always walk around the mall and when they were in front of our store and didn’t have any customers we would go and get some bread to feed them. Well when we were walking out of Applebees the ducks were close to our car. We had some fries that Kaden didn’t eat and was planning on taking them with us. But we decided to give a fry to one of them and man they came running for more. So needless to say we didn’t get home with the fries, but enjoyed Kaden’s reaction watching Daddy feed the ducks the fries. Its one of them once in a lifetime type things. Just glad I had the camera with us. : )

46th (I think) annual Peanut Festival in Whitesboro, Tx.
October 15th, 2011

This is another one we try to get to every year. I couldn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked, there were just people everywhere! 

It was kinda sad seeing all the rides Kaden used to beg to ride when he was younger and just watching him pass them up like he knew they were for younger kids. My baby is growing up! He LOVED going down this slide although I quickly realized he’s getting so big as he was walking up the slide all by himself without even asking if Daddy or me could go with him. Can’t believe in February I will have a 6 yr old already!

My baby going up by himself. :(

He did ride this one it made me feel a little better. : )
Giving the man the tickets

Can’t wait until next year we will have a little one running around again begging for the little rides. Ha.

Watching Bubba..

There was a parade, but like I said there were people EVERYWHERE and Kaden had to get on his daddy’s shoulders so he could see....

Kaden watching the parade...and Derek had his eyes closed. Ha.

Even though we had a blast, the fun came to an end that night at 10 when I just happened to feel of Kaden and he was burning up. He ran a fever until when it finally broke Thursday morning. We took him to the doctor on Monday and come to find out he had strep.

His fever stayed in the high 102-104. I hate seeing my baby so sick and was so glad when he started being Kaden again.

This Saturday will be another day of fun well evening that is. It’s Zoo Boo night. We been taking Kaden there ever since it was his first Halloween. Hard to believe it will his 6th one this year. He has been a monkey, train conductor, ninja, GI Joe, Iron Man, and this year he wanted to be Woody.

Kaden's First Halloween. : )

LOVE his face in this one...typical cowboy! :)

And we can't forget our precious baby girl...
Our Little Lamb. :)

So glad it's getting holiday season again... It's so much fun with the two of them especially our little boy AND girl. :) God is Good.

Stay tuned for the post from Zoo Boo...can't wait!

May God bless you all!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy 4 months to Our Pretty Girl…

Miss Bethany Kate, we love you oh so much! I can’t believe my baby girl is 4 months already! You’re growing like a weed and showing no signs of stopping! At the doctor yesterday I was informed that you are an average size for a SIX month old! No wonder it seems like you are growing up fast! As much as I can’t wait until we are off and doing girl things together, I don’t want you growing up just as much. You make our life so happy, and the perfect finishing piece to our wonderful family. Ok I won’t try to go on forever and get to the things you have done/accomplished last month…

Yesterday at your 4 month check up you weighed
15lbs 11oz
And measured in at
25 ¾ ins.
And head circumference was

You were in the 90th percentile for ALL three! In the words of Dr. Shaw, “Well she’s well proportioned, she’s just a big girl!” : )

As much as I was saying that you are taking after your daddy, I looked in my baby book and noticed at my four months I was 25 ¾ ins as well and weighed 15lbs 9oz. So it will be interesting to see who you take after. Your brother was 24 ¾ and weighed 16lbs 12oz, and he’s tall and skinny like ya’lls daddy! : )
You’re now eating 5 oz every 3-4 hours.

You're becoming a blanket lover

Your typical day now consist of:
waking up around 7:30, momma changes you and we’re out the door to take your bubba to school.
We get back around 8 and that’s your first feeding for the day.
We usually play and put you in your bouncer some until around 9:15-9:30 then you get tired and decide you need to be rocked to sleep.
It usually doesn’t take you long to fall asleep (unless you decide to fight it. Ha.). I lay you down in your crib around 9:45-10.
You usually sleep until 12:30-1 and then your wanting another feeding. I know you go a while between them two feedings but it’s the only time you do! Lol. Plus it gives momma time to do some cleaning.
After that feeding we’re back to playing during tummy time and usually put you in your walker for a little bit.
2:15: Sometimes you decide you need to take a little nap and sleep until we get ready to go pick up your brother at 3:15.
3:40: We are usually rolling back in and daddy is home. : ).
4 - You’re wanting another bottle. Then you usually are playing with Daddy while momma fixes some supper.
5:30-6: You crash until the next feeding around
7-7:30. We play until you are tired around
8:30 and sleep until I wake you up around
10:30 to change your into your sleeper and give you your last feeding which is just usually 2 ounces and you don’t bother to burp most times because by then you’re out like a light. Then momma puts you down for one last time for the day and you sleep until
7:30 comes around the next morning.
Glad it's finally getting cooler, but it's making your allergies start. :(
You accomplished rolling from your tummy to back this month, as well finally given momma that big laugh I‘ve been waiting for!

You now prefer your fist over your paci any day…but still will take your paci to help your drift off to sleep.

You have become quite the talker. At your appointment yesterday there was a lady with her little boy waiting as well, and as soon as you seen them you just let out one of your hey’s. Nothing else came after which is rare for you. Lol. And I know you’re still too young to put your words to meaning, but you just said hey clear as a bell and she thought you were talking already. Ha. Not yet, but you sure do think you can!

Sitting in bubba's chair watching Daddy play a game
 Your hair and still that auburn color. I’m like daddy , I don’t know if it’s mine and his hair mixed to make it look auburn or if it’s actually auburn. Your granddad (one you will never get to know or meet, your daddy’s dad) hair was auburn and your Nannie was born with auburn hair but her changed when she got older. So it’s in your blood, it will be interesting to see what it actually becomes, I’m hopeing it will stay but we shall see. : ) Some of your hair in the back has fallen out. I think it’s because you have been sleeping on your back, but I have since started putting you on your stomach at night since you’re out of the risk for SIDS.
First pony tail...Momma couldn't resist. :)

You had your first babysitter other than grandparents this last month while Mommy and Daddy went on a date night. It was your uncle JD and his girlfriend Kelsey, but I think Kelsey took care of you the most. Ha.

Lovin' on your teddy...

You went to you first birthday party this last month. Your cousin Chloe turned the big 1! You and her are going to be partners in crime against your brother and Makalya.

We got you a bumbo this month and you just LOVE to set in it. Probably because you’re setting up finally and not laying down.
Waiting to pick up bubba...testing it out for the first time!
You’re still in size 2 diapers and you can still wear MOST of your 0-3 onesies, your dresses are getting to short. Your 3-6 mons sleepers (ones you have been in since you turned 2 months) are starting to get snug on your shoulders so it looks like I’m going to have to get the 6-9 mon ones out as well as the pants because your 3-6 pants are getting too short. My baby girl is just getting too big!
You and bubba just chillin'. Watching Daddy play a game, obviously Kaden was distracted.
Your bubba has been showing more interest in you this last month. I guess because you are getting bigger and you start smiling and talking every time you see him. When he starts talking to you and you start your smiling he will say "Oh no here we go again" with the biggest smile on his face...He loves his little sister!
I love this picture...he was trying to get you talking.

Love the expressions...
(the stain is from the silver nitrate they used on your belly button to keep it from oozing
when you were 2 wks old.)

He wanted his sister in the tent with him...

Such a good brother...He put the pillow beside you to keep you from sliding over..
I'm oh so thankful for the both of my precious babies...although bubba will tell me he's not a baby anymore. :P I thank God for both of you. You are both my miracle babies just in different ways. I pray that you and your brother's relationship always remains close after all God and family matters the most. I look forward to you learning...not so much growing. month. I love you baby girl! Happy 4 months!