Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pictures from Houston Trip. February 5-7.

On on way to Houston. This was in Lewisville,Tx. Yes we were driving in the melted ice/snow trying to get out of the area before the next expected snow hit.

Kaden having fun at the Houston Zoo!

Children's Museum in Houston, Texas.

Kaden at Texas Children's Hosptial

Playing the games in the waiting area

He didn't want me to take pictures of him. Ha.

His theory..."If I close my eyes they can't see me!"

Mom stop... lol...With the lil bunny "Houston" he was given in the waiting area.

Ok just one mom...
My precious baby boy.

And we wait some more...

Smiling with Houston along with Daddy in the background.

My brave lil man.
Lovely EKG time...He doesn't care for this too much.

Pictures from Kaden's 5th Birthday Party!!