Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pictures from the kids first photo shoot!

My sister and I decided to take advantage of the deal a local photographer (which is a little girl from Kaden's pre-k class last year's mom. She has a crush on Kaden and still does. It's so cute and we joke around with Kaden about her being his gf. Ha) was doing during the summer HOT and I mean HOT...almost 69 days straight with triple digit weather!...days, and get the kids pictures taken together since we've been wanting to do this since Bethany was born. They did great. They all had their moments of melt downs and I don't want toos but after it was said and done...we got come pretty cute pictures. :-)

And just in case you are wondering what ages they are...in these photos..
August 27, 2011
Kaden is almost 5 yrs and 6 mons exact.
Makalya is 4 yrs 9 mons 10 days.
Chloe is 11 mons 10 days.
Bethany is 2 mons 26 days.

Funny/weird thing...When I had Kaden, my sister was 2 weeks pregnant with Makalya and had no idea...Well when my sister had Chloe, I was 2 weeks pregnant with Bethany and had no idea. :) It just weird because after all the time we were trying I just happen to get pregnant 2 weeks before Chole was born. Ha. Love these kiddos!! 

The group photos

Yes, the two youngest ones are redheads!! :-)

My Precious kiddos!!

My lil loves!

My fav!...

Kaden is such a stinker!! lol.

My adorable nieces

Chloe is such a character...

I love this one...

Then the individuals..

Mr. Kaden Anthony Insall
(The leader of the pack)

My fav...

My lil man growing up on me!
Miss Makalya Michelle Thomison

Miss Chloe Bell Thomison
Redhead and all! :)
She's her auntie's lil girl...She comes to me everytime she sees me. :)

Such a hamm!

And last but definitely not least...

 Miss Bethany Kate Insall
My baby girl...

We tried to get to fall asleep, but she wasn't having it. Ha.

Thank you Jessica if you're reading this...They turned out so adorable! You're Awesome. :)

Well that was all the pictures...well not all. Just the ones I thought I had to post. :) I hope you enjoyed them.
They are their Papa and Nannie's joys, and their parents world! Hopefully my brother will have some boys after he gets married one of these days so Kaden won't be the only boy, but if he was it would be so fitting for him. Ha. My sister said she was done with having kids, and I know we are! We have one of each and that's what we wanted, we just got lucky enough for it to actually happen. Thank you for reading/looking. Take care and May God bless you all!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy 3 months to our precious baby girl…

(two days late...ha)

Well here is Bethany baby. You are now officially 3 months old!! How did that happen?!?

I can’t believe how fast you’re growing, but will admit I love watching you learn and catch on to new things. I’m enjoying every bit of our girl times, I never thought I would have a boy then a girl. It’s makes it fun. Daddy can go fishing with Kaden and you and me and go to girl things…like spend daddy’s money on cute clothes and glittery stuff… : )

Momma made you that bow. :)

I don’t know you’re exact weight but since you were almost 13 lbs on your two month check up, I’m guessing you’re about almost 14lbs now…and growing like a weed!

You are about 25 ins long now…

You're taking mainly 4oz sometime 5oz every 3-4 hours. You just refuse to eat anymore than that. Although I wish you would so we could space your feedings out more… :)

You usually crash about 8:30-9 and sleep until I wake you up for your last feeding before I actually put you to bed around 10:30 and usually sleep until 7-7:30 when I have to wake your brother up to get ready for school.

You love your bouncer!!
You’ve been getting a little bit better about me laying you down during the day to sleep, as long as it’s not in your bassinet…I guess you connect that with bedtime. So I have spot on the couch where I lay you down for your naps during the day on your stomach, and you usually do pretty good.

Such a stinker!

You’re getting better about taking your paci…finally! You still don’t want it unless you’re tired but at least it helps you dose off…

You have also started sucking your fist some, as well as your two middle fingers(them are the ones mommy sucked too, but I wouldn’t take a paci at all)

And you’ve become a little drooler bug!

 You have found your hands and feet this month! I love watching you try to reach for your toys when we hold them in front of you…

You have started to be more alert now and wanting to be talked to while you’re awake.

You have had your first mini photo shoot of you done this month along with your big brother and two older cousins. This is the outfit you wore... 

Along with the bow I made just for the pictures! :)

 You are getting where you don’t like tummy time anymore. : ( I think because you’re too nosey about whats going on and want to be set up to see.

Your hair has started to get more red. : ) and them eyes are still blueish grey.

You still have every bit of your hair and hasn’t lost any of it yet. That we can tell anyways.

You love being held up in the air and being talked to while in the air. You give us the biggest smile every time.

Momma’s been waiting on that big first laugh, but you still haven’t gave it to me yet. But then again I guess I shouldn’t compare you and big brother together (he first laughed the day before he turned 3 months). :- )

So innocent looking! :)

It’s just been me and you lately while Daddy is working and big brother is at school. I think you miss him while he’s gone. You love to watch him play! And when we go pick him up, you can be crying until he gets in and starts talking to me about his day, then you will just start cooing and gooing non stop. I love the connection you two have already!

I love you baby girl! I can’t wait to see what new discoveries you make this month or new things you will start/learn. Happy 3 months pretty girl! Mommy, Daddy and Bubba loves you bunches!

Daddy's girl!

But then again...you're momma's girl too! :)