Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Enjoying Life!

Hello Everyone!
It’s been a while since I’ve updated. It’s not that we’ve been busy, its just been enjoying life together with each other and other family members. Since we’ve came back in touch with Derek’s uncle and his little family, we’ve been spending a lot of time with them on weekends and the week is spent spending time with just us and watching my friend‘s little boy for about 2 hours a day 2-3 days a week...

Mr. Graham
Kaden taking Graham for a ride.

Having fun!...Graham just woke up lol.

We’ve had some amazing times together and Kaden gets to enjoy some time with his second cousin, Garrett, that is just 8 weeks younger than he is. It’s also been nice having a couple close to our age to hang out with and just enjoy this life our wonderful Lord and Saviour has blessed us with.
Since taking the kids to the Science Museum, we’ve had soo many Saturdays in between then and now just having fun. We had planned on going to the Texas State Fair on October 10th, but we decided against it due the swine flu being so bad and thought we could use the money, we were going to spend on that on better things. Well, once Oct. 10th rolled around we couldn’t go because Kaden got sick, sicker than he has ever been. He was so bad we thought he had flu, but by the grace of God he didn’t. He just had a nasty lower respiratory infection. It took a good 5 days for him to get back to himself. We’ve been so blessed that Kaden doesn’t get sick hardly any but when he does, he gets it bad. Once he finally got over his sickness we went to the peanut festival in Whitesboro to have some family time....

Daddy and Kaden with his new hat.

He loves this train!

So cute!!

Hi Momma!!

Then we went to see Ronnie, Lara, and Garrett on the 24th of October. We all decided to go to Trader’s Village which is just like a huge flea market. We didn’t get hardly anything but it was nice just to get out. The one thing we did get was a poster of the boys that said double trouble on it. It so fits them! Lol.
On Halloween they came up to our place and had lunch which was Taco Soup…Thanks Rhonda for the recipe!…Then we took the boys to Zoo Boo that night. They had a blast, and got SOOO much candy! Lol. Kaden was a G.I. Joe and Garrett was one of the guys from Transformers. We thought we would have a hard time getting Kaden to wear his costume. He had no problem with wearing the mask but before they came down he absolutely refused to wear it, but once he seen Garrett was going to wear his and after I told him he could put his pants back on when we got home he decided it was ok to wear it. He’s so hard headed at times. Lol.

These small ones were from my phone:
I was waiting on Derek to bring batteries for the camera. lol.
Our pride and joy!

Kaden and Garrett...Kaden was yawning! lol..

Garrett, Kaden and Amy waiting to go in..

Lara, Amy, and Me..

Welcome to Frank Buck Zoo in Gainesville, Texas.

Ready to get some candy...

Amy, Derek, Kaden, and Garrett...looking at the gray wolf.

Derek,Kaden, and Garrett....Kaden was being shy and we had to basically drag him to get some candy from the people giving candy out!...Maybe next year will be better.

Mommy's little boy growing up!
Got him to look for a second! lol.
Two peas in a pot!
Rounding the corner!
I finally got him to look!...

Kaden wouldn't look of course!...Oh BTW mommy is holding his pumpkin!

Mr. Garrett...Look at that candy!!

Having Fun!

They got each other's back! :-)
Waiting for people to were a lot of kiddos there!
Looking at the kangaroos
Daddy and Kaden
Amy, Derek, Kaden, and Ronnie...Garrett was in front of them.

Garrett eating one of his suckers...Sorry Amy didn't mean to get you in the picture! lol
Kaden digging in on his candy

Later that night we were wanting to do something but had the boys so we really couldn’t being that it was so late. So Thanks to my lovely sister actually sis in law but she’s like a sister, she offered to watch the boys while us couples went out and played a couple games of pool. And the boys wanted to go to the cemetery since it was Halloween night so we like ok whatever but we aren’t getting out. So they got out and were being them crazy selves. They were standing in front of the car when I was thinking about getting out and driving off but they would hear me getting out so I decided to honk the horn while they were standing right in front…And Derek jumped! Lol. It was so funny and our laugh for the night. J…. It was kind of a last minute decision but it was nice getting out and we look forward to doing it again. Once we got back home about 2 ½ hours later the boys were sound asleep!…Thank you Amy!…Lara was wanting to see the Proposal so we watched it while the bigger boys lol…took Amy out to the cemetery to try to get spooked and it didn’t happen but with it being Halloween they thought they had to go. They ended up spending the night then went back home in the morning. It was fun!..But it’s always fun when we get together. Ronnie and Derek have always been close since they are 4 years apart and grown up together. Lara and I have been getting closer and closer. She’s awesome and is always there for me and keep me going when I need that extra kick! Lol. And Kaden and Garrett get a long MOST of the time unless one is tired or just not in the mood to share lol. But they are two typical 3 yr old boys what is there to expect! They used to get along great no matter what but now they are getting used to having each other there they are starting to act like brothers lol.
Now as for Kaden, he’s doing great if you couldn’t tell! Lol. We’ve been enjoying this beautiful weather God as blessed us with these last few days and are expected to last till Friday or Saturday I believe!…Yesterday I took him to get his seasonal flu and H1N1 shot so he is set there. Mommy got the seasonal flu shot as well…We are trying, well momma is, to get ready and set for November 16th which is our big Day!!. Which is Daddy’s 24Th Birthday as well as the day we take Kaden back to the cardiologist! So keep Kaden in your prayers. We need to hear that his leakage is stable!!! I’m praying and fully relying on God but I still can’t help but wonder and think about the what ifs now matter how hard I try to put them out of my mind! But whatever the results are we will take them and deal with whatever they are. Thank you for checking in on us! I will try to update more often…But no news is good news. :)
Keep all the heart, cancer, and just any child out there that is suffering in whatever way in your prayers. Take care and May God bless each and everyone of you!

With love from the ♥,
Kaci Insall