Friday, December 9, 2011

Bethany is 6 months old!!

Well Miss Bethany you’re ½ a year old already! This year has just flown by, but I have a feeling it was because I didn’t want you growing up too fast. I love you baby girl. I wish you could stay little forever and be my little cuddle bug even if its only just when you want me to put you to sleep. You’ve grown so much in this past month it makes me wonder where our baby girl went to. I know I’m late on this update, but you didn’t have your appointment until Monday then momma got carried away with making you a winter dress.
: ) But with out any more waiting…

You are now 18.8 lbs and are 28 ins long and have 18in head circumference! That puts you in the 95 percentile for everything!

You are indeed our big girl. But as in the words of Dr. Shaw, you’re no where near fat you are just a big girl…You are going along your growth curve just like you’re suppose to be, its just you are on top of that curve for your age. Ha. Dr. Shaw informed me on your 4 mon check up, you were the size of an average 6 mon old…well at your 6 mon check up he said you’re the size of an average 9 mon old!! So momma didn’t get to enjoy your “little” stage as much because you decided to just start off growing with no signs of stopping! I’m just hopeing you make all the 6-9 mon old winter clothes last until winter is over! You are sure making this clothes thing hard! Lol. I think you just about skipped the 3-6 month size all together.

You started eating vegetables on Nov.7 and we stayed with each one for about 4-7 days. I give you them around lunch time before I give you your bottle. First was carrots…you didn’t seem to like it, but after a while you were loving every bit of it. Then we proceeded with green beans, squash, peas, and sweet potatoes. Yes, I went ahead and started you on them, you just seem like to me you were ready for them and I wasn’t going to hold out another month just because the doctor recommended it. Ha….Next month we’ll work on fruit. : )

You are still taking about 6 oz of formula every 3-5 hours, I say five because there is always a strectch at least one time during the day (usually after 10 am) you will fall asleep and will wake up about 5 hours (12:30- 1) passed your last eating, wanting the bottle. Other times its 3 hours on the dot pretty much. : )

This is how I have to put you to sleep...
Laying on the left side, sucking your right finger, while we softly pat you on the bottom. just wont' have it any other way.
Stubborn girl! :)
You’re still being a good girl and sleeping through the night. After you get over your congestion I’m going to start putting you in your crib at night since we got the baby monitor. As you can tell momma is wanting to put that off as long as I can (I sleep better knowing you‘re right beside me vs. nearly on the other side of the house.). Ha. You’re just starting to get to big for your bassinet. : (.

Your precious little hand. :)
You have officially won the battle with the paci vs. your finger. Agh. Momma tried, but you insist on going to sleep with that precious little finger…index finger on the right hand to be exact and won’t take any other one, even the index on the other finger…instead of the paci. Hopefully it won’t be hard to get you off of it.
We gave you and early Christmas present this month. Ha. We were going to get you this for Christmas, but since we knew you were growing like a weed we just decided to go ahead and let you use it now so you can get more use out of it…Exer saucer…and man do you LOVE it!!

Having a grand ole time!

And so does your brother...Ha.

You said you’re first word this month…Da-Da…on November 12th…although you don’t know what you said. Ha. No, daddy loves it and enjoys every mintue of it although you haven’t put the two together yet I’m sure you will soon. You are daddy’s little girl, but just as much as you’re momma’s. : )

We went to the park for a little bit this month and momma put you in a swing for the first time and you loved it! Too bad it’s starting to get cold now! At least we know what to do when it starts to warm up. Your brother has always and still does love the park. His favorite thing used to be the swing too, so it looks like you got the same genes far as that goes. Ha.

Attacking Momma's earphones...
I wish this picture showed your eyes have the prettiest eyes,
but I can never capture them. :(
But this is the only way I could get you to look at me for pictures. lol.

So precious!
Speaking of you and your brother…He’s getting where he LOVES talking to you and playing with you! And you just laugh at everything he does. I think that’s why he loves it so much. He seems to get you laugh so easy compared to your daddy and me, but then again I’m glad you two are getting and building that close bond already! He can just bark at you and you start laughing so big. He can just start talking and you start looking around trying to find him and then just smile the biggest smile at him. He loves pushing you around the living and kitchen while you’re in your walker although I have to remind him to go slow and be easy. Lol. When you’re asleep in your crib for an evening nap we have the monitor in the living room with us watching tv, every move he hears you do he thinks you are awake and wants to go see you…by see you I mean wants to get in your crib with you to play. Lol. But I have to remind him just wait until you start crying because you could just be moving while you’re sleeping. He's pretty good with you though, just as long as you don't put his toys or blankets or anything really of his in your mouth or drool on them...he' ok with you. I just love seeing/hearing y’all together. Just brings a smile to my face thinking about it. :)

Bubba barking at you...and you just cracking up laughing...
*ahm...don't mind the stuff bear under her exer saucer we were waiting
for the company to send us the stablizer feet for it* lol

Bubba talking to you...

Trying to get bubba to take a decent picture...

At least you are being good and smiling lol...

Oh well I gave up...bubba started making funny nosies and
you had to look to see what was going on lol..

My precious babies...

Finally a picture with you both smiling! lol..
 You had your first big holiday this month…Thanksgiving. It was nice celebrating it as a family of FOUR this year, you complete our family. : ).

Not the greatest picture, but didn't have my camera with me,
just my iPhone...

I was trying to take a picture of your brother and me,
but like always he won't stay still. lol.

You and your Great Grandma.

 You’re the only girl on your daddy’s side far as little kiddos. (Kaden:5, Garrett: 5 (8 wks younger than Kaden), Travis: 16 mons) but you and Travis are going to be a tag team to get your brother and Garrett. : ). You were so interested in him and his paci. But you seem to love all kids no matter what size. : )

You and your Great Grandpa and Travis.

Bubba being goofy as always...

Aww Sweet Hugs. :)

Ok Travis...hand over the paci! :-)

You and MeeMee

 As far as my side, Kaden is the only boy so you fitted in just fine (Kaden:5, Makalya:5 (81/2 months younger than Kaden), Chloe:14 mons) now you and Chole will be a team against your brother and Mak.
We had a great time together on Thanksgiving and of course I loved showing you off. You are just the cutest baby ever…even though you are my kid. Ha.

Such a happy girl!!

Before the teeth popped through. :)
You sprouted your first tooth this month on November 29, 4 days before you turned 6 months. (bottom right center) Followed by the left center a day later. And you already know how to use them! Hopefully you won’t be a biter. They sure are sharp. I see some on top that look like it will come any day now, but then again you’re not drooling near as much so maybe not too soon.

 You are getting VERY close to setting and staying that way by yourself. You will set for a while until you see something you want and start to reach for it, then there you go toppling down. Ha. But I know you will accomplish it this month. : )
It's blurry, but you reached for a toy, and lost your balance. Ha.

It's a work in process!!

Your such a happy baby and I LOVE that about you. You are pretty good while at the grandparents and church, but I have seen signs of you starting the separation axitey when you leave your momma. :/ I can't walk by you while you are in your exer saucer or bouncer without you wanting me to pick you up and if someone wants to hold you at church you make sure they don't get too far from momma. lol. Dr. Shaw says that is usually in full swing by 9 months but hopefully you won't be too bad, but then again you're at home with me all day long so we will see how it goes.  I love you baby girl and enjoy having a girl oh so much! After all I have started making you clothes already! :) I can't wait to see what this next month holds for you, and see you at Christmas. Hopefully you will be setting up by then at least. :) Happy belated 6 months old sweet pea! Momma, Daddy and Bubba love you oh so much!

Bethany and her Sunday school buddy and future best friend
who is 4 days younger than her, Miss Brenna Ollila. :)
(Bethany is in the 95% and Brenna isin the 15%. Ha)

My babies with Santa! :-)