Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bethany turns 8 months!!

Well Miss Sunshine…you’re 8 months old today…EIGHT!! I still can’t believe within just 4 short months we’ll be celebrating your first birthday! I thought time flew by with your brother, but with having both of you keeping me busy it’s going by even faster. In a way I hate that, knowing you are our last precious baby, BUT at the same time it’s closer to time we will get to have many many many fun day outs together. I can wait for that though. HA.

I have no idea what you’re weighing exactly these days, but I’m guessing some where around 20 lbs or so. I tried to measure you to see how long you were, but you didn’t want any part in that. Ha. From what I could tell you’re about 30 ins. Which means we will probably be getting you a big girls car seat this weekend. : / I noticed on your carrier it said to up until 30ins or less. That will be another hard time for momma, but just another sign showing me there’s no stopping you on this growing thing. Ha.

It took me forever to get a cute decent picture of you this time taking your monthly pictures since we didn’t have brother with us to make you laugh and keep you attention. You’re just soo active and want to be going going all the time.
Silly girl...trying to get the camera and put it in your mouth like everything else. Ha.
 You still haven’t accomplished the whole crawling thing yet. I figured you would have by now, going by how you are sooo close to it. You just rather roll ALL over the living room to get what you want. Ha. I know you will crawl on your own time even though I know you want to crawl and chase your brother soo bad. Your brother didn’t start crawling until he was almost 10 mons so we will see if you get it done faster than him.

You have been eating cereal and lunch/dinner tub of baby food along with fruit and veggies this month, but near the last you started having bad diapers so I pulled you off everything until it cleared up. We just restarted again and so far so good. I don’t know what you were eating that was causing that, but we will be more careful now. : ) You still have about 24oz of formula a day.

As far as sleeping…you’re still a champ at sleeping through the night. Although this last month you have started where you think you have to be put down for you to go to sleep. It’s nice in a way because you’re brother was totally opposite, but I miss our snuggle times.'re such a character!

You’re still saying Da-Da like a champ and has since added a few Bubbas in there, but so far no MaMa.
You have a fascination with mouths. You will start screaming and if we do it with you, you will proceed to stick your finger in our mouths. Ha. I don’t know if it’s the teeth or what. Crazy girl.
Caught you with you're tounge out. :)

Speaking of teeth you still just have the bottom two. No new ones yet.
So sweet and innocent..

....then so serious. Ha.
You have also started with this pointing thing with your finger. You just won’t stick your hand out and grab it. You have to point to it, until you touch it, then you will grab it.

The ladies at the nursery who take care of you during Sunday School at church has told me you’re getting where you don’t like me dropping you off anymore. : / But that’s the only time you’re away from me all week, usually that is until Daddy and I decide to go out on a little date. You’re definitely a momma’s girl…for now that is. Daddy will probably win you over when you get older. Ha.
You and Daddy playing after bath.
You still suck your finger, but its only when you’re trying to go to sleep or getting hungry. When you go to sleep, you always have to have your blanket to hold in the other hand and rub it against your face as you suck your finger on the other hand.

You fell asleep on daddy's arm after playing...

You hate being put in the car seat these days. As soon we start to unbuckle you, you arch your back trying to get out right then.
You love playing with you’re toys. I can set you down in the floor and you’ll play play and play…until mommy walks by. Ha.

You're officially in 12 month old clothes. You still can wear a few of your 6-9 onesies but for the most part you're in 12 mons. You are wearing a size 3 shoe and still in size 3 diapers. :)

I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things, but I'm trying to actually get this post on your 8 month birthday. :) We look forward to see what you'll learn this month. Maybe you will finally accomplish crawling. I don't know if big brother is ready for that now or not. Ha. I love you baby girl. You're defintely our little sunshine!

I love your smiles!! :)

My Oh My!! Look how much you're growing!!