Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A LOT has happened since last post...

Sorry for that. :( I told myself I was going to stay on top of this and well things come up, things in life get switched around where it makes it difficult to get on here and type out a post. Unless I do small ones and well that's never possible for me. Ha. Where to begin??

January 19th: I went to the baby dr to see if we could find out if we were having. They couldn't tell because well, this lil one is stubborn! She doesn't like to show off for anyone, unlike Kaden did. She wouldn't move for ANYTHING so we could tell. So they told me to come back in 2 weeks to see if they could tell. Well we didn't know it, but my dr had already called a specialist for the baby to check it's heart and everything out. Well they happen to call me while I was in the waiting room waiting to see my doctor asking if I could make the appointment the very next day. Since Derek already took off for that day I called them back asking if there was a way we could make it down there that same day. They were able to work us in thank goodness! So far, everything looks perfect with our little one...and we also found out while we were there that...we would be having a precious little GIRL!! We couldn't believe it. One boy and one girl...How lucky were we?!? Kaden had been wanting a little brother up until that morning when I asked him what he thought the baby was going to be a little brother or sister...and for some reason he said sister. So needless to say when I told him that he was going to have a sister he said,"I know momma". He's SOO excited for his little sister to get here!

I'm now 29wks along soon to be 30wks on Saturday, but come Friday it will be 9 weeks exactly until we are able to hold our lil princess. They are doing a mandatory c-section since I had Kaden by c-section and they are going to take her a week early. As of last Thursday...little Miss Bethany Kate...weighed 3lbs 1oz. She is in the 63% and is measuring a week ahead than her due date. They are guessing she is going to be a 7lbs 13oz little bundle of joy since she will be a week early, but said if she went to term specialist would guess 8lbs 4oz and my OBGYN was guessing 8lbs 8oz. So we will see. :) I'm starting to go every two weeks now. I'm also still going to the specialist once a month. At the last appt he said he's pretty certain that her aortic valve is 3 leaflets! Praise God. But we go back late April for another screening.

Now on to our lil man....

February 5th: we were Houston bound. With having to replace a wiper blade arm, along with having to get a new tire to replace our other new one... yes it was 2 months old and it blew out on us on the way to Houston and it was after hours but thankfully it happened in a town where my mom's cousin lived and they helped us out since they knew someone who owned a tire shop and they were willing to open it just for us to get us a new tire so we could finish the 3 hours we had left to make.

The next day we took Kaden to the Houston Zoo as well as the Children's Museum.

Then the next day, February 7th, we were on our way to Texas Children's Hospital for them to check over our lil man. From the echo, to ekg, to x-ray, to being listened to by the cardiologist on staff, Dr. Fraser's nurse, to Dr. Fraser himself. We found out that surgery would chances are be this year. The Good note on that is he thinks Kaden would be the perfect candidate for a repair, but we were still left to pick the back up option in case they got in there and seen they coudln't do a repair for whatever reason which would lead us to having a ROSS for a back up. We orgninally thought they were going to do surgery late March/early April because Dr. Fraser didn't want me having to take care of a newborn on top of a child recovering from open heart surgery. BUT on February 28th...Kaden's 5th birthday. I got an e-mail stating to call them. So when I finally got a hold to them they said they had some disagreements about the timing of the surgery since he isn't showing any symptoms (not that we want him to) and that his left ventricle didn't have a MAJOR change from November to February but there was some change. SOOO now we're left with we know it will be sometime after I have the baby which is scheduled for June 3rd and recovered from the c-section. They did want to see him back so they could get another look at him. So April 3rd we will be Houston bound yet once again for his appointment on April 4th. So please keep us in your prayers for a safe trip, that I'm not in too much pain being that I will be 30 weeks prego traveling 5 1/2 hours one way, and most importantly we get Good news that surgery won't have to be for a while longer!!

February 28: My baby boy turned the big FIVE!!...I will post pictures in another post...

A few weeks ago, I called Kaden's cardiologist (the one he usually sees regularly) to double check if it was ok if he played t-ball. It was late far as sign ups go, but since he wasn't having surgery I didn't want him to miss out on it. They were able to work him in so that's why I called to double check. We were given the ok to do so, but she asked me if Dr. Fraser ever mentioned about putting him on a medicine for his heart. I told her well he mentioned it but that's as far as it went. So needless to say Kaden is now on a heart medicine. He has been since last Friday. It's called Enalapril. Thanks to the wonderful pharmacy they made it where he absolutely LOVES the taste of it. So I don't have to fight him to take it Thank goodness! I doubt it will show anything when we go on the 4th but prayerfully it will do it's job and at LEAST buy him another year without surgery so we can enjoy our new PINK bundle of joy this summer and family of 4! So please pray it works in our favor!!

Another prayer request. My wonderful and amazing Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer on the 21st of this month. Could this be God's reasoning why Kaden didn't have to have surgery?!? Who knows. But God is the one in control. She is doing good. We are still waiting on one more result which we should find out tomorrow. If the lymph nodes they took out are cancerous or not, if they are then they will have to go and remove the whole breast. BUT the dr said it looked good from what he could tell, but you can't be 100% sure until the test results come back. So we will wait...nothing new right?!? and pray that we receive Good news in that area as well, but if not we still know God is in control and he can bring her though this as well as the family. So I will leave with this...Its something I made yesterday...

Thank you all for the prayers and please keep them coming! God is Awesome and he brought us through many many hard times and I know he won't let us down now. Take care and May God bless you all!

With love from the ♥,
Kaci Insall