Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy 10 months, Bethany!!

Happy 10 Months Babygirl!
(I know it's late…again)

I can’t believe in less than 2 months my sweet baby girl will be celebrating her very FIRST birthday party! It just seems unreal. This past year has been such a blessing and soo fun I guess that’s why it’s flying by sooo fast!

You still haven’t mastered the whole crawling thing yet. BUT you sure will army crawl to get something you can’t have or something of bubba’s! I never can get you to crawl to me though. I think you know rolling will get you where you want to go faster. Ha.

You sprouted THREE more teeth (Top lateral incisor on 3/7; then both lateral incisors on bottom R(3/11) L(3/26)) this month to make it a total of 8 teeth! Your brother didn’t have ANY by your age. It sure looks funny with all your teeth showing when you smile but oh so cute!

You will eat just about anything you can get your hands onto! You love mashed potatoes green beans (the real ones, you hate the baby food ones ha) and animal crackers! You’ve also had some fruit loops as well as some little pieces of M&Ms. You’re brother thought you had to have some. Ha.

You found out that you can clap on March 18th. Ever since then as soon as we start saying patty cake you start clapping. It’s the cutest thing ever!

You added Uh-Oh to your little dictionary of things to say, the others are Da-Da, Bub-ba, Ma-Ma which sometimes comes out as Me-Me, Baby, Oh, and Bye-Bye(sometimes). You love to just talk talk and talk. What do you expect though? You’re a girl! : ) But believe me, you can say Uh-Oh like a champ! You say Uh-Oh before you even start drop something. You LOVE playing that game…as for mommy and daddy, it’s cute the first 5 five times…after that we’re all played out! Ha.

You still admire your brother! As soon as you see him, you just light up. I love to see you two interact. It just makes mommy’s heart happy! You both started this screaming match. One day bubba decided to scream to try to scare you, but I don’t think he expected the outcome. You didn’t cry or anything, you waited until he got done then you screamed back. Ha. Now it’s a daily thing you two do. You think he’s the funniest person ever too! He just does something simple like hiss and here you go start laughing.

You’re developing an attitude…Ha go figure! When you get aggravated you will just clench them fits and grunt. Then if we try to set you down when you don’t want to or lay you down…you will bow your back and grunt to try to get your way. It’s funny now, but I know within a few more months we won’t think it’s so funny.

You were getting tired of pictures! Ha.

...or you were just getting tired period.
You only start sucking your finger if you're hungry or tired...
In this were getting tired! HA.

You love to dance! Every time you hear any type of music you start nodding your head like you’re saying yes, but it’s your way of dancing. Then if you’re really into you will start rocking back and forth. Lol. You’re so funny.

When you’re ask if you’re mama’s girl or anyone else you just nod your little head like you know what we’re talking about. It sure does make everyone smile. You’re just a little ray of sunshine.

Look at all them teeth!!
You LOVE swinging and being outside. You’re not to fond of the grass yet though. According to how the weather is, we might take you kiddos camping this summer. We were going to take Kaden last year since he LOVES to fish with daddy and be outside, but then I got pregnant and you were born the second of June so we couldn’t do much last summer. Although I’m stocking up on sunscreen because baby doll you’re going to need it! You got mommy’s skin tone and I know you will burn like crazy. Your brother and daddy have that dark skin tone and just tan when out in the sun.
You and Daddy just chillin watching bubba play baseball! :)
You’ve started pulling out your bows when you notice they are in your hair! : ( I just knew if I kept one in your hair you wouldn’t do this, but you proved me wrong baby girl! Hopefully you’ll get out that stage soon! At least you have gotten better about letting me do your hair. : )

You love everyone…only if Momma or Daddy or someone you know is holding you. You will point at someone and just start waving. HA.

My silly girl...You also discovered your tongue this month!
You’re wearing a size 4 shoe, size 3 diaper, and size 12 month clothes (some 18 month). You’re growing like a little weed baby girl!

I love you baby girl! Happy belated(once again sorry!) 10 months!
Pinky the bear just keeps getting smaller!! Ha.
You're growing so fast!

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