Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bethany is 11 months old!

Happy 11 Months Sweetheart!
Wow! I just can’t get over the fact that you just have one more month to go before you turn 1 year old! I will admit it’s hard on me. It wasn’t so much with Kaden, but I think its because he was a boy plus I knew I was going to have another one, but knowing you’re my last baby and a girl…it’s hard. As much as I want you to grow up, I want you stay little too just as much. You’re the sweetest little girl ever and everyone else seems to think so too. You still turn heads when we go out to eat or into anywhere public for that matter. The first comment is usually how much hair you have and the second is almost always how happy you seem. It’s a fact though. You’re hair is getting LONG and not showing any signs of slowing down and yes you are a pretty content, happy, smiley baby all the time. Hopefully I don’t jinx it now. Ha.

Lets see what has happened this month for our big baby girl…

You playing patty cake..
To start things off we lost Papaw the day after you turned 10 months. He’s your Nannie’s -My mom- Daddy I think that’s one of the two hardest days in my life so far with the other being your brother getting diagnosed with Aortic Stenosis. I’m SOO glad he lived to see you though. You brighten him up every time he saw see you. I hate that you won’t grow to know him like your brother has, but just know that he loved you so much! He always talked about your smile. He always did his duck sound to get you to smile and it worked every.single.time no matter what your mood was! I wish he was still here to hear you say Papaw. You just started that about a week ago. As soon as I get you up in the morning or from your naps and head into the hall, there is a picture of Papaw and Memaw hanging there as soon as you walk out of your room, you ALWAYS point at the picture and smile your smile then start to say Papaw. It’s bittersweet to say the least. : ) But we won’t tell Memaw that you can say Papaw. Ha. I know he’s probably looking down and just smiling away every time you do that. : ) I know I do.
As you can brother is in the back ground trying to make you smile for me...
Well he was being goofy and it was cracking you  up!
You finally accomplished crawling…well it’s army style, but you are no longer rolling from place to place. You actually started doing it a couple of months back but now it’s full fledge army crawling anywhere and EVERYWHERE! I don’t think bubba is too fond of it though. Especially when he’s playing in the living room and you start to dart off to him. Ha.

You have accomplished with saying hey and bubba clear as a bell. You would say it before, but wasn’t that clear. Now you can look at bubba or a picture of him and say it. Then when we say hi Bethany or hi sister, you immediately say hey. Our baby girl is growing up!
Such a little stinker!
You actually started to pull up during this little photo shoot. Not completely but you will pull your self up to your knees so far.
All sweet and innocent! Ha
The pictures with the white headband was the ones I
attempted while bubba was in school, I didn't have
the best of luck keeping your attention so we had redo
once he got home and I found your black headband. :)
You’re eating 3 8oz bottles of formula a day with another 2 or 3 oz after lunch that depends on how well you will eat your lunch. : ) You prefer table food over your baby food any day, but I guess that’s a good thing. We discovered you LOVE meatloaf! I ordered some when we went out to lunch at Cracker Barrel (love that place, I think Daddy doesn’t like eating there because I ALWAYS have see what dresses they have for you. The joys of having a girl! Ha) I decided to give you some just see what face you would make and to my surprise you chowed down on that and expected more! So as soon as I can find out how to make our meat that soft I’m going to make some just for you! : )

You’re now getting where we have to let you stay in the nursery at church during “big church” as your brother calls it. We attempted it last Sunday just to make sure and we had to end up taking you back before it even started! Ha. You are just so talkative and was trying to yell and everything. I think you liked it better in there (after you get over that I’m not with you) anyways so you can play with your buddy Brenna. They said you both were waving at each other. : )

We are going to have you dedicated at church on Mother’s Day. We usually wouldn’t wait that long (Kaden was dedicated at 6 months) but they have a big thing on Mother’s Day for the sweet babies. You and Brenna just barely missed it last year. So it will be a special day not only will it be Mother’s Day and your dedication, but it will also be your daddy’s and mine 7th year anniversary!

I’m trying to hold the urge to cut your bangs! Ha. I keep pulling them over to the side in a clip, but you having cute little bangs will be so much easier to take care of and will keep them out of your face! I don’t want to cut them though until after you turn a year though. Almost there!
Look at them teeth!
You’re still wearing a size 4 shoe, size 3 diaper although you’re getting close to going up to a 4...I’m just trying to get through this last package of size 3s. You can still wear mostly size 12 months according to where they come from some size 12mons are too little after they are washed.
The reason for all the good smiles...her bubba...the ones she just adores!
(Don't mind his clothes he LOVES this shirt even though its just about too
small for him, but they are his play clothes)
Well baby girl there you have it! All your tenth month rounded up. This isn’t late btw, I had this done yesterday, I just didn’t want to deal with the slow computer uploading the pictures. Ha. Now we’re in full party planning mode! Everything is done just have to get the cake ordered and your birthday outfit ordered then I’ll be done until the stuff actually comes in the mail that is. : ) Happy 11 months baby girl! Mommy, Daddy, and Bubba loves you oh so much! More than you’ll ever know! You definitely completed our little family.

Let the countdown begin! 30 more days until your very FIRST birthday party!!

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