Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy 9 months Miss Bethany!

Happy 9 Months Sweet Pea!
(I know it's late, but was waiting on your
stats from your 9 month check up)

You have grown so much this past month it seems like, but I think your 9 month is going to be big your big one.

You haven't crawled yet...I keep expecting you to, but you are still perfectly happy with rolling to where you want. It's so funny to watch you because you will get up on your hands to change the direction you want and then you're off again. Ha.

You're weight won't be exact on your appointment because its actually 17 days after the fact. Its the only day I could get you and your brother's check ups on the same day. But when we took you to the doctor on February 20th, you weighed 21lbs and 1oz.

**The results are now weighing 20lbs 11.5oz (I guess with you moving around more and your RSV sickness with you not eating much it went down, but they weren't concerned) which puts you in the 75%...gone down from 95% ha.
You are 29 1/2 ins tall...putting you STILL in the 95%. Looks like big brother isn't the only one who is going to be tall and skinny! Ha.**
Such a little stinker!! I caught you in the middle of laughing!
Your hair just keeps getting longer and longer. I love it! I never thought I would have to wonder how I was going to fix my 8-9 month old daughter's hair in the mornings. I figured it wouldn't be until you were least a year and half old. Its just getting to long for the cute headbands with flowers on them. :(

You got diagnosed with RSV on February 20th and man was it hard on you. I felt so sorry for you but I knew I couldn't do anything that I wasn't already doing to help you. It got so bad momma was worried about you being dehydrated because you wouldn't hardly eat anything! Thankfully you were over it just before your 9 month birthday!
Love it!

You managed to pop in three more teeth before your 9 month mark as well! Two came in on Momma's birthday (Feb 19) and the third one popped in February 29th. :) It sure does look funny when you smile and all them teeth are just popping through, it just doesn't seem like you should have all them teeth already!

Look at them teeth!!
You gave Momma a good scare the day before you turned 9 months! I was holding you by your hands while you walked, its nothing we didn't normally do, but after I sat you down you were holding your left arm close by your side and every time I touched it or when you tried to reach out to something, you would just cry in pain. Thankfully it happened after Daddy was already home and right before the doctor office closed. I was in panic mode. But they told me it was probably a nursemaid elbow. Which is where the elbow pops out of place but usually goes back, on some occasions it doesn't and the doctor has to reset it, but they reassured me that it was common and it was just probably the way you was holding your arm up. I still felt bad, but about 30 mins later you were back to normal. Daddy seen that it was getting to me and his comment was "You have child with a heart defect and you get more worried over an arm" Ha. I wasn't THAT bad I promise, but I was pretty shaken up.

So Precious!

You're now wearing mostly 12 month old clothes. Expect the ones from Carters and OshKosh like in these pictures, they are 18mons. But they tend to run a size small. You can still wear some of your 6-9 onesies which are the ones I usually put you in during the day when we don't have to go anywhere. As far as the pants though, they are like capris on you. Ha.

You're still in size 3 diapers, and in size 4 shoes! Some of your size 3 shoes can fit, but the size 4 stays on better. :)

You still pretty much have the same routine during the day, if we aren't going anywhere that is, if we do it just gets you all off schedule and you really don't take a nap. Fun time for momma...NOT! But I love you anyways of course. :)

You eat some puffs for snacks or when we eat dinner at the table so it will keep you occupied while we are all eating. You started eating tubs of vegetable or fruit with meat now. Still stage 2 for now though. You like just about everything expect green beans, peas, and the chicken noodle tub. Other than that you will eat anything!

You have started picking up the little things on the floor, and no matter how good I vacuum or how good I think I did, you ALWAYS still to manage to find one little thing to put in your mouth! That's one of the reasons I don't mind you not crawling yet, because I know you would be into EVERYTHING if you did. HA.
So serious! Ha

I think that is all for this month...I was trying not to add what you've done these past 19 days. I won't ever do this again! Ha. It's easy to get them mixed up. I will have to add some more pictures of you within this last month, but Momma isn't organized this update since I put it off. I can't wait to see what you learn this next month! You've already started to do a lot these last few days! My baby girl is growing up on me! I love you sweet pea!! As long as I'm living my baby you'll be! Happy belated 9 months baby girl!

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