Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy 6 yrs old Kaden!!!...nearly a month later. Ha.

Kade Man,
Happy 6th Birthday!! I can’t believe you’re six already! It just doesn’t seem right. This past year you’ve grown so much. It just doesn’t seem like it’s been 6 whole years since they laid my 7lb 8.6oz 19ins baby

boy in my arms. You are the one that made me a Mommy and has changed my life for the better since 5:25pm on February 28,2006. Not only did you make Mommy and Daddy parents for the first time, you also made Nannie, Papa, Mee mee, and Gramps grandparents for the first time, Granny and Paw great grandparents, Ashley and Amy aunts, and Jd an uncle all for the first time!!. So as you see you made a big impact when you entered this world and haven’t stopped! : ) You’ve had some rough patches along the way but here we are celebrating YOU and your SIXTH year of life! I thank God every day for sending me a happy bouncing baby boy!

You started your 5th year off by looking at open heart surgery. You didn’t know it at the time though, and NOW I’m glad I never told you since it never happened. We soon found out that they didn’t see the need for it right now. Praise God!

So I as soon as I found that out, I called to ask it was ok if you played t-ball. We were given the ok since it wasn’t competitive sport, yet… so soon you were practicing t-ball for your first year. You wouldn’t let your daddy leave your side for anything, good thing he was able to stay on the field as an assistance coach. You never got the competitive spunk to go after the ball, but you could hit that ball and run them bases like lighting. I always feared that your heart defect would keep you from enjoying any sports, but I accepted that fact. Once I found out you were ok to play them for now I was soo happy!! Knowing you would enjoy them. You ended the t-ball season on May 28, 2011.
Getting ready with daddy by your side!

So cute!

My lil slugger...with you're awesome helmet! :)
You became a big brother on June 2, 2011.

Hanging out with Momma and Daddy as the only child for the last 30 mins!  

Anxiously waiting for Daddy to see your baby sister...with Great Memaw by your side!

Such a proud big brother!

Your first time "holding" thought she was too little to hold. :)
 I hated that you had to miss your award ceremony for pre-k, but being there for the birth of your little sister was much more important after all it was just pre-k. You stayed that night with Nannie and Papa. Nannie took you to school that next morning for your last day of pre-k with pictures of sister in hand. You’re such an awesome big brother. We came home with sister on the 4th and we were now a family of four.

We started off your summer with bringing home your sister. It was such a fun, busy, HOT, summer. That summer beat the record books for the most consecutive over 100 days. I believe it was 63 or so.

You always LOVE the fourth of July! Ever since we started our own little family tradition going to Denton, Tx to watch their fireworks show the Kiwanis put on every year! First time to do it as a family of FOUR!!

My lil man!

It never fails...we always have to do a silly face picture just for you! :)

HA. Daddy was having fun... really he was. It was just hot and I think
he was tired of me taking pictures already! :)

My pride and joys!
We took you for your heart check up as well as sister’s on June 23rd. It was a bad morning to start things off because our family dog that we’ve had for 5 years died that night before. You and him were the best of buddies!
This is an older picture of you and him before we moved
into our new house, but it's my favorite of you and him.
We Love you Brownie!
We still don’t know what happen to him, we found him the day before and he wasn’t himself. So you daddy buried him that morning, then we were off to the cardiologist. We got good reports on both you and your sister! The medicine they put you on in March 2011 was doing its job!! You don’t have to go back for 6 months! As for sister she just had a little hole but not a big deal since she was so young a lot of babies have that. That summer was filled with lots of fun and you and daddy fishing. : ) Before we knew it was time for you to start school again. The big Kindergartner!!

You started school on August 23rd. Momma did a little better this year, than last year, but still shed some tears when I got back into the car to head home. You are loving kindergarten! You’re big thing in Pre-K was that you wanted to read, and now big boy you’re reading like a champ. It makes me soo proud! You are doing amazing on your report cards too! All satisfactory! Woo Hoo! Keep up the good work! This is year is definitely going better than last far as sickness. I think you missed a good 12-13 days of school last year between sickness and heart check ups, but so far you’ve only missed two days because of having strep.  then again this winter wasn’t as bad as it was last year either. We’ve only had one day of snow and the ground wasn’t all the way covered even then. Mommy sure isn’t complaining, but you was wanting it to snow like it did last year. You’ve become best buddies with your friend Tanner. When I asked you who you wanted to come to your party from your class you automatically said Tanner. Although you did invite Hunter, Korbin and Presley, but they didn’t make it out to it. I don’t think you mind too much though since Tanner was there.  (I'll be doing a post on your birthday party pictures soon...I hope! :) )

You had another heart check up on December 19th…and we got good results!! The Enalapril is working! It’s helping your little heart pump away. The measurement of your left ventricle has…DECREASED! Praise God! Of course we don’t know how long this will last, but we’ll take it! We got another ticket for worry free for 6 months! Ha.

December 29th, we took a spur of the moment road trip to Kentucky to see my best friend, and yours too ha, Lizzie! It was your first time out of the state well you’ve been to Oklahoma, but since we live just about 30 mins from Oklahoma I don’t count that. Ha. As well as Momma’s and Bethany’s, but we drove straight through, leaving 7 that night and getting there around 7:30 or so the next morning. So we brought in 2012 in Tompkinsville, Kentucky then drove back home that day! We had a blast while we were there! You absolutely LOVE Lizzie and she loves you just as much. I hope you’re able to find a good friendship like her and I have. It’s just priceless. She took you to the park and played and played with you. We laughed and just enjoyed each other so much! You got mad at the New Years Eve party that we went to, with her, because you wanted her to play with you and no one else. It was cute but overbearing at the same time. Ha. But we left there because it was getting late and didn’t want to be on the road after midnight so we parted ways. Lizzie and I shed some a lot of tears. We look forward to getting back together soon though.

You and the amazing Lizzie! :)
We got back to the hotel and brought in the new year by all of us in the bed watching the ball drop. Then soon after we were all asleep! We headed home around 8 and stopped at Graceland on the way back through Memphis. I was soo mad at myself that we were in such a hurry to get out the door to get on the road that I forgot my camera at home. SOO my phone is the only way we could get pictures. You loved Graceland! And you’ve been talking about Elvis just about every day since then! Your daddy said, I bet you’re the only 5-6 yr old that talks that much about Elvis, but having a daddy who LOVES Elvis its understandable, (but then again so did his dad) I can understand why. Ha

You started basketball the first week of January. At first you were all excited about it, but once you started, you wasn’t too sure about it. You sure could make them baskets but with it being your first year, you didn’t quite understand the whole offense defense thing. You got in the game and played your little heart out though. You were playing awesome defense the last 3 games (isn’t that how it usually goes?!) You got where you would rebound that ball like crazy and get in front of the other team when they got close to the goal. We enjoyed watching our little basketball player. : ) Can’t wait until next year!

Then you started t-ball up again on February 22nd. You started it just as you was ending basketball since your last game of that was February 25th. You sure do keep us busy during basketball and baseball seasons! But I have to admit, I enjoy it! : ) You’re currently practicing twice a week. Every Wednesday and Fridays! Opening day is March 24 so your games should be starting sometime after that! You seem to be enjoying more this year and actually with practice without your daddy near by! I think it helps having 3 kids just from your class this year and a few more who was in your class last year! Can’t wait until the games start!

Well I think that pretty much sums up all you’ve been up to this past year. You started off weighing 43.3 lbs and was 45 ins tall...and ended it weighing 49.8lbs and 47 1/2 ins tall. You're still in the 90% for height and 75% for weight. Looks like you're going to be tall and skinny like your daddy! I can’t wait to see how much you grow and learn this next year! I love you baby boy!!! Yes you are a baby and always will be MY baby no matter how old you get! : ) I love you to the moon and back!!

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